Saturday, January 23, 2016

eyebrows on fleek


"We in dis bitch. Finna get crunk. Eyebrows on fleek. Dafuq."
Iconic words right there.
 In case you haven't watched the vine which introduced the phrase 'on fleek' into the vocabulary of every teenage girl then go watch it here, I am not crazy. So, eyebrows... we all have and love them. I blame Cara Delevinge and her beautiful bushy brows for starting the obsession. If you think about them too much you start to question the concern that we, as a generation, give the collection of short hairs above our eyes - but we won't do that. I mean, you have seen the photos of celebrities without their eyebrows, right? Pretty scaring. (I would include some photos below but I don't want to scare you. Google at your own risk.)
Look at those sculpted brows... the make-up artist was like an eyebrow wizard
So now that we have established that eyebrows are essential if you don't desire second glances everywhere you go I thought I would tell you about my absolute favourite eyebrow product. Here is a bit of background: For my school formal last year (sort of like prom or debs except we have it in September of our last year in school) I got my make-up done professionally for the first time and, happy with how my eyebrows were filled in, I decided to pick up the product that the make-up artist had used when I was in America. I am nearly certain it is available in the UK now via the internet but I don't think it is common to come across the brand in shops here yet.

So what is this magical product?
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade.
 I have noticed quite a bit of hype around the brand recently and, in my opinion, it is fully deserved. The creamy formula can completely fill in your eyebrows, making it look like you have just paid to get them tinted at the beauticians. Now, truthfully, when I do my own eyebrows they are never as good as when the make-up artist filled them in that day. But that is to be expected, obviously, since I am no make-up artist. Plus, I am pretty lazy when it comes to getting my eyebrows threaded as I usually leave it a couple of weeks longer than I should. Thus, loads of stray hairs sort of ruin the look. Still, it has the potential to make my eyebrows look like that, making it the best product I have used for them and one I would happily recommend. By applying with an angular brush you can full on sculpt them to perfection or, like I do on a daily basis, just fill them in for definition.
What is your go to eyebrow product? Would you/have you tried Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow?

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

what is the deal with glossybox?

Every month a perfect little pink box arrives at your doorstep, waiting to be carefully opened so you can make new beauty discoveries. Sounds pretty amazing, right?
Having first heard of Glossybox from the blogging world and spending more hours than I would care to admit watching unboxing videos on YouTube, I was thrilled to receive a six month subscription for my 18th birthday in August. I had never been subscribed to anything ever, not even a magazine, so the idea of getting a parcel in the post gave me something to look forward to every month. Glossybox, in case you don't know, surprises you with five beauty products for £10, with most of the brands being relatively unheard of.
Now, six boxes and thirty-one products later (they gave an extra one for Christmas!) I thought I would let you know what I thought.

1. The novelty of it, for me, wore off pretty quickly. Initially when the boxes came it felt like Christmas morning but gradually it became something I expected, and didn't fully appreciate. I would open the box, read about the products and then, just, sit it on my desk where it would stay for a few weeks. This blase attitude could be explained by my next point.

2. Sometimes the products just weren't good. I think this is the biggest issue I have with beauty boxes in general: the unknown. Like, sure, you can look at this as a good thing. A surprise, how fun. But what if it isn't a good surprise? At least with a magazine subscription you know exactly what you are getting. Yeah, the content will change every issue but the nature of the content won't. It is reliable. However, when you receive a box full of products you will never use you start to think that it is waste of money.

3. It makes a good present but definitely not something I would be willing to pay for. To be fair, I am a broke teenager who barely makes over £30 a week! So, no, spending money on products that I might not even like doesn't appeal to me. I guess if I have a well-paid job (goals) when I'm older then why not treat myself to beauty boxes? Or I could just save the money and buy chanel handbags and louboutins (I am rich in my future daydreams okay).

4. It does encourage you to try new brands. I'll give them that. Popping into Boots every month and buying the same eyeliner you have bought five times before... Does that sound familiar to anyone? If so, maybe these boxes are what you need to rekindle your love for all things beauty. It is fair to say that I can get stuck in a beauty rut and Glossybox has helped me break out of it. Since many of the brands aren't available in Superdrug or Boots you really are being introduced to products for the first time. Honestly, there was nothing I loved so much that I'll go out of my way to buy online but it was fun to experiment with new make-up and skincare.

I feel like I have been a bit harsh so let's revise the good points: I love the idea of it, and I love the effort that goes into the packaging and the editor's letter. The entire aesthetic of it is perfect. And you can get good products (see above.) I just think they need to up their game and to consistently bring out good boxes.
Although I won't be renewing my subscription any time soon, who knows, I might in the future. But, realistically, for the next few years I'll be a broke student who will barely be able to afford groceries for the week, never mind the luxury of trying out beauty products!
Have you ever tried a beauty box subscription? What do you think?

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