Wednesday, June 12, 2013

30 Day Snap #10 | One Tree Hill

Heya Guys, 
I'm gonna be doing a pretty quick post because I have a P.E test tomorrow (surprisingly hard) so I should get back to revising for that! Compared to yesterday I had a nice lil day :)

I kind of relaxed today after that super awful maths test by watching a few episodes of One Tree Hill. I'm on Season 8 and it's seriously the best show ever. Admittedly I say that about lots of things but if you haven't started watching this show, you should, over the summer. 
So yeah, that's my day. 
Glued to One Tree Hill and attempting to look over my P.E notes...

love you lots Niamh

P.S I set up a blog lovin' a few days ago just in case any of you use it to read blogs! 

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