Thursday, June 13, 2013

30 Day Snap #11 | Company Magazine

Heya Guys,
I swear this 'photo-a-day' thing gets less interesting as the month goes on but I really enjoy blogging everyday. It's helping me get back into the swing of things, I just apologise for my boring life! Today I had a P.E test in the morning (it went fine) and I left school at lunchtime because I had no other exams. So my mum, little brother and I went to get something to eat (which was delicious, may I add) and then my mum decided to go grocery shopping. 
I know, so interesting. 

Anyway I bought Company magazine which I love and I'm glad I got it cause I haven't bought a magazine in a while... and I have an obsession with them! Tonight I think I'm gonna chill (er yes I just used that word) by reading Company some more, writing out my Drama (Last exam!!) and watching some more One Tree Hill. 
See y'all tomorrow!

lots of love Niamh

P.S I know I haven't posted anything beauty-related since I started this challenge but I will soon;


  1. Ooh, I love Company, definitely my favourite magazing! Don't worry I actually find these 30 day snap posts really interesting even if it might just be a normal day, I think I'm just quite nosy!


    1. Yeah it's so different to every other magazine :) Aww yay I know what you mean I love Room Tours and What's In My Bag posts cause I'm super nosy!

  2. Hey Niamh I'm really sorry I haven't read your blog in week cos my blogspot feed is being stupid and won't come up with half the blogs I follow so I didn't realise you had so many blogposts up ! I got Company this month too it's really good isn't it there's so many pages and all :) btw good luck with your exams :D xx


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