Tuesday, June 04, 2013

30 Day Snap #2 | Paragliding

Heya Guys, 
I'm not sure if I'm cheating or not by using a photo I took last summer? I'll probably be doing this a few times during this challenge because I find my life pretty boring... I mean what can I take a photo of everyday?! 
I guess that's why it's a challenge. 

So last summer I went paragliding. It was one of my last days on holiday in France and I was super nervous. You basically ran down a hill with the paraglide thing strapped on behind you (there was also a person with you... imagine doing it by yourself!) and the wind picked you up into the air. I am petrified of heights but this was one of the most relaxing things I've ever done! I felt so safe, the view was amazing and it was pretty cool. 
Funny story though? I got a really runny nose when I was up there and I kept trying to stop it (I mean talk about the worst timing ever!) but the man who was with me must have thought I was crying since  I was sniffing so much... pretty embarrassing. He asked me if I was okay like 5 times. 
In the photo we had only taken off - so we went higher than that!
Anyway paragliding was fun and if you ever get the change to try it, even if you are scared of heights, you should. 

lots of love Niamh 

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