Thursday, June 06, 2013

30 Day Snap #4 | Sunny Days & A Happy Dog

Heya Guys, 
Today is going to be a quick post because hey it's sunny and I shouldn't be sitting on my laptop all evening! (Trust me I normally would.) 
 The weather in Ireland is amazing at the minute - it's what my mum calls exam weather. I think it's cruel that we have to study when it's so lovely outside. In the end I just do a very crap job at revising!

In the picture my dog Bailey is just enjoying her bone (or a large branch?!) Pretty normal dog behaviour.
Thank God it's Friday tomorrow although I am incredibly jealous of people who are off for summer or at least finished their tests. I have another week to go and I don't know if I can cope.
I really hope that the weather stays like this for a while... I could use it!
Why does the sunshine always make people so happy? 

lots of love Niamh


  1. aw your dogs so cute i have a black lab too:)
    joni xxx

  2. ...uh its definitly not a bone... Lol :P We're in tec right now and we should be doing our assignment but its just REALLY boring so me and SarahJane are on the internet instead.
    Love your room though :D (i mean on the previous post)
    Okay we should go do work now! XD

  3. Niamh that is definately not a bone lol

  4. Your dog is adorable! And I agree with you it always is sunny when we need to revise haha and I'm doing my GCSEs at the moment to and find it really hard not to get distracted! Lucky you though, we don't finish school for another 6 weeks!!!! Hahaha
    Emma xx

    1. Awww thanks! And yeah it's the worst, i mean at this stage it feels like summer, it should be. Wow! So you don't get off until July? you probably don't start back until later then :)


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