Friday, July 19, 2013

I just want to tell you | fringe/bangs?

 Okay I'm seriously debating whether or not to get a fringe/bangs again! 
Last year I got a fringe but I grew it out after a few months... 
But I'm just after looking back at old videos and photos where I had a fringe and I'm dying to get my hair cut again! 
 I do this a lot though - I get bored, I see someone's hair I like, I change my hair & generally end up regretting it a few months later. I basically always want what I don't have. 
So I'm confused. 
Want to see my hair inspirations? 

They're all so perfect, right? Now don't worry - I know (sadly) I don't look like Alexa, Zooey or Taylor I just want a fringe like theirs - you get me? A layered full fringe. 
I've said the word 'fringe' a lot in this post, it doesn't even look like a word now!

Excuse the crappy webcam photos and my face but I realised you need to see what my hair looks like & this is just a quick post. 

So what do you think? Should I get a fringe or just leave my hair as it is?  I need your help!

 photo sign_zpsce874fdb.jpg


  1. go for it, yolo ahah x

  2. Hey niamh,
    you have a problem! you cant just leave your hair be! :P I think you should do it though if you want, everything suits you :) Im finally home from holidays and catching up with all your posts :P

    1. Heya! Uhhh I know tell me about it. Like you know that I really didn't like my fringe the first time around but I keep telling myself this time will be different!
      Funny cause I was wondering the other day if you were back yet! I bet it was amazing :)

    2. it was brilliant :) so do you like your fringe or do you regret it already? it looks lovely btw!

    3. That's good! And weirdly no! I don't wear it like it is in the photos because that's the way the hairdressers blow dryed it and I can't seem to get it like that again! She cut it like Alexa Chung's so it kind of parts in the middle but it's nicer than how it was last time :) Thanks Dervla!

  3. i say get a fringe it will suit you!i put up an essence post pkease cheat it out<3

  4. The fringe would look really good on you, give it a try!
    Becky xoxo

  5. Heeey!! :D That was my number one first thought exactly 9 days ago. I thoought a lot about bangs. "What if I dont look ok with the bangs? What will I do? Maybe just stick them with some hair accessories.. hmmm.." << that was all I thought about. Then finally I realized you never get if u dont try so I had my hair cut. And Anyway I like new "Banged" me :D You try too :)) Here is the link of my blog post where u can see AFTER AND BEFORE me. Hope you`ll make up ur mind :)) Bangs are cool if u r ready to straighten them... :)) >>

  6. Hey Niamh, your fringe was so nice but you hated having it!! I think you should just go for it if you want to, it's hair it will grow back if you don't like it :)

    1. Haha I know I really didn't like it! But you know how bored I get?! It's a serious problem. I booked a hair appointment in the quays, you know Peter Mark & I'm gonna take photos and shtuff so hopefully it'll go okay :)


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