Thursday, August 29, 2013

my updated skincare routine

Last September I blogged about my skincare routine but in the last month I've had a trip to Boots and bought a few new things...
Since switching it up my skin has improved quite a bit and so I'd love to share with you what I'm using. 

Now, I'll be the first to raise my hand and say that I'm pretty rubbish when it comes to skincare routines. I may keep it going for a week but I can be lazy and so most nights I just end up washing my face and slapping on some moisturiser. 

I know how important looking after your skin is and I'm going to be realistic - school has started again so I'm probably only going to have time to wash my face in the morning and leave the exfoliating and cleansing for night-time.

And so I guess this is more of a 'once a day' routine sort of thing!
Anyway here's a little rundown of each product in the order I use them in... 

#1 I exfoliate my face about 3/4 times a week with the Clean & Clear Exfoliating Facial Wash because it's very gentle but you don't really want to be using it everyday.
You just simply add a grape size amount of the product to an already wet face and massage it into your skin. And then of course rinse it off.

#2 I recently bought The Ultimelt by Soap & Glory - a cleanse and polish. This is an amazing (and much cheaper!) alternative to the famous Liz Earle one. I just apply it in circular motions to my face and leave it on for two minutes before washing it off with the hot cloth that is included. 

#3/4 After patting my face dry I add about 3 drops of the Sanctuary Therapist's Secret Facial Oil to my Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser (which I've repurchased) and just, you know, rub it into my skin and that's all I do with that. 
I don't really know my skin type because as a teenager it's quite temperamental - oily,dry,okay. But the facial oil is suitable for all skin types. It does leave your face oily though (but like a good oily!) so I only use it at night and then by the time morning rolls around you're left with super soft skin. TA DAH! 

I am really determined to stick to using these products every night because since getting a fringe my skin has gotten a little worse - that's something people don't really tell you!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

my sort-of birthday haul

I turned sixteen 23 days ago, on the 3rd of August and when I mentioned it on twitter a reader asked if I could do a birthday haul. And of course I said yes. 
But the reason for this post being quite late is because I was given pretty much all money for my birthday & so I've done a lot of shopping and now I'm ready to show y'all what I bought! 
I do have quite a bit of birthday money left but I'm planning to book a hair appointment (I'm thinking more ombre or highlights) and maybe get a second lobe piercing.

Oh and it's called my 'sort-of' birthday haul because usually these hauls are presents but this is stuff that I picked out with my birthday money.

I went to New Look when I was in Donegal with my aunt and bought four things there.

First of all I picked up the slim fit joggers - which basically look like thick black leggings. I really like them, they're warm and I bought them for wearing around the house. I probably should have gotten a size 6 instead of 8 though because they're a little bit baggy around the crotch area. But hey they'll do fine!

There was this whole section of lovely, cosy jumpers and I wanted to buy them all but I settled for the one shown above. I couldn't get a great picture of it as it looks much bigger/wider there than in person but I've already worn it twice and I only got it last week.
Maybe I'll style it in an OOTD? 

I caught a glimpse of the boots above on a display mannequin and I hate to sound cliche but as soon as I saw them, I needed them in my life! I think they look great with jeans and I'll be wearing them all Autumn and Winter.

I was in Topshop a few months back and I saw a beautiful red bag very similar to the one I bought. Of course the New Look one was a fraction of the price. Although I haven't had a chance to use it yet I am very excited to!

Last year I got Wonderstruck perfume for my birthday and since then I've also received Wonderstruck Enchanted. So following the tradition (and because I'm a huge, huge fan!) I bought Taylor by Taylor Swift with some of the birthday money my parent's gave me. It's such a beautiful scent - sweet but sophisticated (as Taylor says in the ad!) 
I also bought my second Maybelline Baby Lips in pink punch, then repurchased The Falsies mascara and got myself a new pair of tweezers because my old ones have vanished.

I went into Accessorize and bought my school bag for this year. I feel in love when I saw it. As you can see it's just a simple polka dot satchel but what makes it even cuter is the little group of charms on the left hand side. It actually makes me excited for the new school year... well kind of.
While I was in Accessorize I also picked up a pretty pencil case and a metallic pink card holder for my bus pass and student card.  
Oh and I quickly went to Easons to buy my monthly fix of Seventeen and Company which I still have yet to read. 

That's pretty much everything I got for my birthday!
I bought some skincare products in Boots but they'll be making a debut in my next post... 
I had a really lovely, admittedly lazy birthday this year & I'm super grateful for what I was given.

I can't believe I'm sixteen though. Wowza.
That's something I'm still getting used to.

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

a holiday in portugal | online journal

My little sister's tan. I'm jealous.

It's been waaaay too long.
I find having a regular blogging schedule quite difficult sometimes but I'm definitely going to work on that!  

I went to Portugal on the 4th of August for ten days. 
It was a very relaxing holiday - pool in the morning, beach in the afternoon, eat out in the evening and then curl up and watch a movie at night. Or play several games of Happy Families which we found at the apartment. I forgot how fun it was!

I'm one of the few girls my age who is in the water more than lying out sunbathing so I love waterparks (we went to slide and splash for a day) and swimming.
Everything was walking distance where we stayed, which I loved. 

just taking selfies in a restaurant bathroom. normal.

Lovely food, amazing weather and no homework/exams to stress about? 
A pretty great family holiday I think. 
It was so lovely to get a break and I just feel ready for another school year now.
Well almost. 
Ready as I'll ever be I guess. 

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Sunday, August 04, 2013

what's in my carry-on bag

I feel a little immature admitting it but my favourite part before a holiday is packing my carry-on bag! I think as a child my mum made a big deal out of it, you know so we'd get excited about travelling, and so she would buy us a few magazines and books and I even remember getting those little magnetic travel games. 
I felt like a little girl again yesterday (in a good way, of course!) when I went to Easons to buy things to read on the plane & on holidays.

Anyway I thought I'd make a little post about what I take in my carry-on bag as I'm leaving for Portugal in a few hours (no seriously it's 2am and we're heading off to the airport at 4am!)
Like many people I read while I'm on a plane so as you can see in the photo above I bought Seventeen and Red magazine. I've never bought Red before but my mum has picked it up a few times and I loved last month's issue so I decided to try something new. 

Looking For Alaska by John Green has been on my wish list for so long now! I read a few pages and so far I'm in love with it. I'm really looking forward to reading it by the pool. 

I'm also taking my Samsung netbook, a DVD player that attaches to my laptop & a few DVDs (Taylor Swift Journey To Fearless, 500 Days of Summer and Bridget Jones's Diary) with me. I obviously can't watch them all on the plane but I'll probably watch a movie at night or during the long drive from the airport to our apartment. 

I'm taking two pairs of sunglasses because I don't know which pair suits me better. I personally prefer the white cat eye pair from River Island but I'm conscious they may be a little too big for my face!
Lip balm, moisturiser and waterproof mascara are also packed - you know in-case my lips are chapped, my skin is feeling dry or my eyelashes are looking a little... invisible?
Lastly I took my phone. Honestly I'm not really a phone person - I charged it yesterday for the first time in a month. And it's been 5 months since I last had credit (So to all of those people I haven't replied to, I'm not trying to be rude!) But I guess it's nice to have it in-case there is no wifi (the horror) and I want to talk to people.

Well that's everything.
Of course there will probably be a pair of shoes or something thrown into it later because our suitcases will most likely be too heavy but you get the idea of it!

Do you bring anything different in your carry-on bag? 

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