Saturday, August 24, 2013

a holiday in portugal | online journal

My little sister's tan. I'm jealous.

It's been waaaay too long.
I find having a regular blogging schedule quite difficult sometimes but I'm definitely going to work on that!  

I went to Portugal on the 4th of August for ten days. 
It was a very relaxing holiday - pool in the morning, beach in the afternoon, eat out in the evening and then curl up and watch a movie at night. Or play several games of Happy Families which we found at the apartment. I forgot how fun it was!

I'm one of the few girls my age who is in the water more than lying out sunbathing so I love waterparks (we went to slide and splash for a day) and swimming.
Everything was walking distance where we stayed, which I loved. 

just taking selfies in a restaurant bathroom. normal.

Lovely food, amazing weather and no homework/exams to stress about? 
A pretty great family holiday I think. 
It was so lovely to get a break and I just feel ready for another school year now.
Well almost. 
Ready as I'll ever be I guess. 

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  1. I love portugal, we go all the time! Slide and splash is great! Were you staying in the algarve? X

    1. Yeah that was the fourth or fifth time I've been there. And em I think so?! I'm so rubbish with maps and geography but I think so! xxx

  2. It looks like you had an amazing time! I would love to visit Portugal :) x

  3. Please do back to school posts! Looks amazing, I love Happy Families xox

    1. I love reading Back To School posts but I'm kind of stuck about what to do... xxx

  4. aah we went to slide and splash for the day too! I prefer being in the water to sunbathing as well, I just get too hot and I absolutely love swimming! We're like the same person haha :') xx


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