Sunday, October 20, 2013

lovely little things

I've been loving a few little things lately and I really want to share them with you!
It's not much, just a few small things that have made my October much more enjoyable.


I buy Glamour magazine every month but this time I especially needed wanted it in my life when I discovered Taylor was on the cover. If you're new around here you'll quickly learn that I LOVE Taylor Swift!

She looks so amazing in the photo-shoot (she actually changed her twitter icon to one of the photos which she doesn't do often!) and her interview was great too.
 Sorry to those of you who aren't such a fan of Taylor's - I'll stop raving about her now!

If you haven't already bought the November issue of Glamour you should while you still can (I really love the 'Hey, It's OK...' feature!)


Maybelline Baby Lips - they've been reviewed on pretty much every beauty blog, right?
They are the 'thing' in the blogging world right now (or maybe I'm a little late!)
Some people love them while others hate them & I have mixed feelings.

You see I bought Pink Punch a few weeks ago but I rarely use it. This is because it's not very moisturising and if your lips are chapped it'll cling to the dry parts. Then you're left looking like you've experimented with make-up made for a seven year old (you know those lipsticks I'm talking about? Where it looks like you've put crayon on your lips?)
I mean it's not always like this - if your lips aren't chapped it'll look pretty - but Pink Punch is definitely overrated for me.

The only lip-balm from the collection that makes the hype -almost- worth it is Cherry Me.
Last April my mum bought me it while she was in Florida as Baby Lips wasn't available in the UK and I had seen them in so many american magazines & loved the packaging!

Unlike Pink Punch, Cherry Me is very moisturising and it gives a really lovely, subtle red tint to your lips.
So perfect for everyday wear and school!

I've actually bought three Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me since April which sounds obsessive but most of them are Christmas presents - Do you understand my love for this £2.99 lip product? It's a lot a love haha!

I honestly reach for mine daily.


EEEEE I'm so excited to tell you guys about my watch!
So a few weeks ago I was contacted by Born Pretty Store to see if I wanted to choose a watch & mention it on my blog.
At first I was a little bit worried - What if I don't like the watch very much?  I'd never lie about something here on Niamh's Dream - The way I see it is if you lie about a product what's the point in even having a blog?

But I didn't need to worry because since it's arrived it has been on my wrist all. the. time.
As you can see it's a bracelet-style watch which is pretty unique, non?
 I got a lot of compliments in school about it and I now know what to get one of my friends *cough cough* Rebecca for Christmas (Which on the subject of Christmas who else is super excited?!)

There is two 'adjustable clips' so it will fit most people's wrists.
The Born Pretty Store is really cheap and this watch is no exception - it's under £10!
But if you want to pay even less you can use a 10% discount code on the bracelet watch I have - NIAMHC10

(Remember it's in capital letters!)

The watch comes in loads of different colours and I think it's quite autumnal with the little leaf charm!


So that's everything - it's nice to acknowledge the small things that make your day/week/month a bit better!

I'll see you next week,

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

my favourite teenage book series

A book review? This is new!

I've never really talked about books on my blog before even though I love reading *inner nerd shining through*

I'm sure there is a few of you who enjoy reading just as much as I do and would maybe like a new series to read? Well let me tell you about one of my favourites...

...The Butterfly Novels by Denise Deegan.

I've always enjoyed 'girly, teenage' books - you know the ones.
Boy meets Girl, Boy falls in love with Girl, some drama happens but then surprise surprise they end up together & everyone is happy by the last page.

So two years ago I saw And By The Way... (the first book in the series) in Waterstones and thought 'Great! A lovely little girly, teenage book - I have to buy it!'

And yes, it is a lovely little girly, teenage book (have I used that phrase enough?!) but it is so much more than that.
There is love and all that jazz but the trilogy also includes teen pregnancy, losing a parent, parents splitting up, bullying and death.
I definitely didn't expect it to be as... *hmmm what's the word* deep as it is.
There is substance to it.

I think the blurb for And By The Way... is very cheesy and honestly doesn't make the novel sound as good as it truly is.

The main characters are Alex, Sarah and Rachel - three sixteen year old best friends who attend an elite school in Dublin.
Each book is in the point of view of a different girl (And By The Way... is Alex's story, And For Your Information... is Sarah's and Rachel's is And Actually... 
All the girls play a huge role in every book though.)

It's difficult to choose but my favourite book in the trilogy is probably And For Your Information...
 So much happens in the 407 pages and I'm pretty sure I cried near the end.
I don't know, you connect so much with the characters and really start to care for them. It's like their lives become more important than your own!

I know I'm not really explaining the plot - I just don't want to give away too much (I feel like I already have!)
 I've lent these books to a couple of my friends and they loved them too.

Have you ever stayed awake until 3am reading a book because you couldn't put it down?
There was just so much drama and 'I wonder what is going to happen next?' moments.
For me this was definitely the case with The Butterfly Novels!

To put it simply if you're a teenage girl & you'd love a good book with a bit of drama (think a more relatable Gossip Girl) then really these should already be in your shopping basket or downloading on your kindle.

What better way to escape reality for a little while? 

A s d f g h j k l.

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The Butterfly Novels Website (Which hasn't been updated in forever!) -

P.S Wondering why the books are called The Butterfly Novels? 
Alex, Rachel & Sarah end their texts with a little butterfly symbol. 
Honestly it doesn't play a big part in the books but now you know!

Monday, October 07, 2013

some little changes

Be Different


It's something I absolutely love to do - I'm constantly thinking about it (just ask my friends!) and trying to discover ways to improve my blog. 

But do you want to know something? 

Recently I haven't been very happy with some of the things I've been posting. 

There is two reasons for this... 

1. I'm not showing enough of my personality in my posts.
I don't really know why this is - it's like I'm trying to come off as professional (if that makes sense ) - but I'm not! And I don't want my blog to be like that. I want it to be an extension of me. I want it to be something I'm proud of. I want to be able to just sit down with my laptop and type out my feelings on a particular topic/product/outfit ect. 

2. I keep doing generic beauty/fashion type posts. If I'm stuck for ideas I just do whatever is popular in the blogging world - maybe a new tag, a favourites post or I'll review the latest lip product. But honestly most of the time when I click the publish button I don't feel a sense of pride or happiness. (This isn't saying EVERY tag or review I post doesn't make me happy but sometimes I just choose a certain idea because I have writer's block & it's the safe option) 

And so the other day in school it kind of hit me -


At the end of the day we should all blog for ourselves. 

If you like blogging about make-up products - DO IT. 
If you like blogging about your outfit of the day - DO IT.
If you like blogging about your travels - DO IT. 
If you like blo-- You get the idea! 

Emma Watson

Now I'm not saying things are going to drastically change around here. 
You might not even notice it.
I love blogging about a variety of things (make-up, fashion ect.) and that's not going to change -
There is just going to be a few little switch-ups here and there.

Want to know what? 

Be original
1. I'm going to try and be a little bit more 'me' in my posts. 
I do find it quite hard to show off my personality in writing but here's to trying!

2. I'm going write posts that I read and love.
If you don't like reading a particular post then chances are you won't feel passionate writing it. I, for example, don't read favourites posts very often. I don't know why but they kind of bore me a little... And I don't really enjoy writing them.
This doesn't mean I'm never ever going to do a favourites post again it just means that if I do it'll be with my own twist on it. 

3. Originality.
Easier said than done because it can be difficult to be original but basically it's better to be a cookie than a cookie cutter. Sometimes I have to remind myself that there is a first for everything and it's okay to be different and write new, different posts. 

So yeah. That's everything!

I'm still going to be posting reviews, OOTD's & all about make-up ect. because I love all of those things a lot.
This post wasn't really necessary but I want to let you know that from now on I'm going to blog about what I love (that sounds so narcissistic!) and I'm not just going to blog for the sake of it.

I also just typed this up because I really like lists.
And I'm procrastinating.

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