Sunday, October 13, 2013

my favourite teenage book series

A book review? This is new!

I've never really talked about books on my blog before even though I love reading *inner nerd shining through*

I'm sure there is a few of you who enjoy reading just as much as I do and would maybe like a new series to read? Well let me tell you about one of my favourites...

...The Butterfly Novels by Denise Deegan.

I've always enjoyed 'girly, teenage' books - you know the ones.
Boy meets Girl, Boy falls in love with Girl, some drama happens but then surprise surprise they end up together & everyone is happy by the last page.

So two years ago I saw And By The Way... (the first book in the series) in Waterstones and thought 'Great! A lovely little girly, teenage book - I have to buy it!'

And yes, it is a lovely little girly, teenage book (have I used that phrase enough?!) but it is so much more than that.
There is love and all that jazz but the trilogy also includes teen pregnancy, losing a parent, parents splitting up, bullying and death.
I definitely didn't expect it to be as... *hmmm what's the word* deep as it is.
There is substance to it.

I think the blurb for And By The Way... is very cheesy and honestly doesn't make the novel sound as good as it truly is.

The main characters are Alex, Sarah and Rachel - three sixteen year old best friends who attend an elite school in Dublin.
Each book is in the point of view of a different girl (And By The Way... is Alex's story, And For Your Information... is Sarah's and Rachel's is And Actually... 
All the girls play a huge role in every book though.)

It's difficult to choose but my favourite book in the trilogy is probably And For Your Information...
 So much happens in the 407 pages and I'm pretty sure I cried near the end.
I don't know, you connect so much with the characters and really start to care for them. It's like their lives become more important than your own!

I know I'm not really explaining the plot - I just don't want to give away too much (I feel like I already have!)
 I've lent these books to a couple of my friends and they loved them too.

Have you ever stayed awake until 3am reading a book because you couldn't put it down?
There was just so much drama and 'I wonder what is going to happen next?' moments.
For me this was definitely the case with The Butterfly Novels!

To put it simply if you're a teenage girl & you'd love a good book with a bit of drama (think a more relatable Gossip Girl) then really these should already be in your shopping basket or downloading on your kindle.

What better way to escape reality for a little while? 

A s d f g h j k l.

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The Butterfly Novels Website (Which hasn't been updated in forever!) -

P.S Wondering why the books are called The Butterfly Novels? 
Alex, Rachel & Sarah end their texts with a little butterfly symbol. 
Honestly it doesn't play a big part in the books but now you know!


  1. Really good Niamh, You have inspired me!

  2. I love reading, this series sounds great! x

  3. Yay! I loved these books. They were actually so great! You need to recommend me more books because every time you do they are ones I love- like Elsewhere! And the Princess Diaries! :)

  4. Aw these are like the best books ever! I hadn't read in ages and at the start of last year my friend lent me these and they definitely got me into the swing of reading again. The tears definitely flowed but I loved all the cute, romantic and dramatic moments- knowing it was set in Dublin made it all feel like it could really happen to me! Great post :)

  5. This was a fun post to read and thank you for your book recommendations. "Boy meets Girl, Boy falls in love with Girl, some drama happens but then surprise surprise they end up together & everyone is happy by the last page." This made me laugh and I am sure everyone who reads this blog can admit to also enjoying that formula. I am a sucker for "happily ever after..." Having said that I do enjoy this girl meets boy scenario in unique and entertaining situations. I enjoy YA books that fit romance into an exciting and new way. I have a great book series to recommend by Author Laura DeBruce, "The Quicksilver Legacy Series." The author transports the reader to Prague, France, and Italy (while fitting in a wonderful love story between lead characters Hana and Alex). The first book of the series (and the only one I've been able to read so far) is "The Riddle of Prague" ( 18 year old Hana is thrown into a life changing adventure when traveling to Prague to reclaim her ancestral home, "The Rockery." An old notebook she discovers in the basement of her family home contains riddles and clues that claim to lead to the elixir of immortality. After her family in Prague is kidnapped it becomes quite obvious that Hana isn't the only one that knows about this elixir. She partners up with charming Alex who is desperately searching for a cure for his sister's crippling disease and could also benefit from finding the elixir. There is plenty of flirting and fun between the two while trying to outrun the thugs that are trying to get to the elixir first! Such an addictive read; I hope you will give it a chance!

  6. These sound good! I love girly books with a bit of substance haha ^_^ xx

  7. I found this blog post just as I was about to start writing my own review for the "Butterfly Novels"! Like you I absolutely love them, and I completely agree with the blurb not doing them justice. There's something about these books that draw you into their world, and it's a world you never want to leave. Thanks for sharing your review :) If you're interested in checking mine out (it's a blog about my latest reading challenge!) it's


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