Tuesday, November 05, 2013

taylor swift's perfumes

If you're a regular reader (thank you!) then you probably know I love Taylor Swift quite a lot.

But here's the thing - you don't need to be a fan of Taylor to buy her perfume trio.
Unlike the One Direction perfume, for example, Wonderstruck, Wonderstruck Enchanted and Taylor by Taylor Swift aren't a gimmick. (I'm actually a 1D fan myself and I have their perfume Our Moment but I think it's a little bit tacky, sorry guys! It smells good though, which is the whole point.)

 Wonderstruck in particular (probably since it was the first released) has been reviewed and raved about in a lot of magazines & I think for a celebrity perfume it has done extremely well.

All of these perfumes have been featured on my blog before in various posts but what's one more?

First of all LOOK AT THE BOTTLES - definitely the kind of thing you want displayed in your bedroom. Very pretty and I love the vintage look of Taylor by Taylor Swift (I kind of wish it was called something else though like Starlight - one her songs, used in the advert - cause it's such a typical celebrity thing, calling your perfume after you.)

I should probably warn you all now I am terrible at describing scents - but you can laugh at my attempt!

Wonderstruck is quite a fruity, floral scent.
 For all you perfume lovers out there the tops notes are raspberry, dewberry, freesia and apple blossom. I think it's perfect for the Spring/Summer time (although honestly I wear it every season!)
I got Wonderstruck for my 15th birthday and I still have plenty of it left - the 50ml has lasted ages.


Wonderstruck Enchanted is a vanilla, floral scent (if that makes sense? I told you I'm not gifted when it comes to describing perfumes!) It's like a more autumn/winter appropriate Wonderstruck & is perfect for the evening. To me it's a 'cosy' scent. I do like the word 'cosy'. Probably one of my favourite words. I also like feeling cosy. Getting sidetracked... 
 The top notes are passion fruit, wild berries and poppy.
It lasts a little longer than Wonderstuck.


Taylor by Taylor Swift is very sweet and vanilla-y but also mature and sophisticated. I know that sounds kind of contradictory because sweet screams 'childish' and 'immature' to me but I think if you smelt it you'd understand! The words 'musky' and 'romantic' come to mind.
Top notes are lychee (whatever that is..), magnolia petals and tangerine. Initially when I sprayed my first spritz of it I was like 'wow that's overpowering and sweet' but it quickly became my favourite out of the three and I've actually gotten quite a few compliments (woo!) when I wear it.
It's probably the most unique scent & I like the way the bottle mixes the retro pattern with the 50's style pearls and crystal stopper.
 I'm down to my last drop sadly but I'm going to repurchase it at some point or, better yet, put it on my Christmas list.
It definitely has the best longevity - lasting about 4-5 hours.


From the scents to the packaging I think they are all pretty perfect...
AND my room smells so good now after writing this!

Have you smelt any of Taylor's perfumes? 
Got a favourite? 

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