Tuesday, December 31, 2013

new year, new me?

Oh yes. New Year's Eve. 
The time for all that 'new year, new me' bullshit rubbish. 
Well want to know something? I personally love all of the 'new year, new me' rubbish!
I think it's perfect for someone like me - someone who enjoys making lists and goals and daydreaming...

 I didn't actually make any new year's resolutions last year or at least none that I can remember so I thought it'd be fun to write some up for 2014!

♥  Manage my time better - I wasted a lot of 2013. Instead of being productive I watched like 10 episodes of One Tree Hill & spent an embarrassing amount of time on the internet. It's easier said than done but I hope to be productive and get things done in the new year. 

♥ Do my best in my GCSE's - It's kind of scary how close GCSE's are now. Really scary. I did rubbish in my mocks because I started studying the morning of the exam... what. Sometimes I hate me. Anyway, I'd love to get mainly A's in my GCSE's and this would require me to work. So I'm planning to go down to the library after school twice a week because this really helps me. 

♥ Keep blogging - I do love my little blog ^.^ It's so fun to have and I love reading everyone else's! In 2014 I always want to be one step ahead - so have a post typed up and then I can schedule it for during the week. Also I hope to post at least once a week. 

♥ Get another ear piercing - On a slightly different note I really want another ear piercing. I have two lobe piercings at the minute so maybe I'll get a third (but only in one ear 'cause I think three lobe piercings in both ears would look... messy.) Also, maybe, possibly... get a belly button piercing?! I've always liked them but what's your thoughts?

♥ 'Experiment' with my style - Oh god that phrase sounds so cringy but all I really mean by it is to wear what I want to wear and to take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. In 2013 I was really interested in make-up (and I still am, obviously!) so I spent pretty much all of my money on it. This coming year I want to spend more of my money on clothes.

♥ Start my driving lessons - woooohoooo I'm so excited to finally be able to drive. I turn seventeen in August which is perfect 'cause I can start my lessons during the summer. I've never actually driven a car before (unless you count sitting on my dad's knee when I was five steering the wheel... which I don't) so I might be rubbish and the chances of me having my license by this time next year are slim but who knows?!

♥ Save money - I want to have three jars to put money in - one for a new laptop, one for future travelling and one for a shopping trip at the end of next year. I guess I should also start saving for uni too?

♥ Grow out my hair - In April/May I chopped off my hair. Or, you know, if you don't want to sound quite as dramatic I cut my hair up to my shoulders. And ... I miss my long hair :( It has grown out quite a bit since then but, please don't ask me why, I've actually been tempted to cut it again. Up to my ears. And like that would SO not suit me. I'm kinda impulsive though and once I have an idea in my head... well it's happening. BUT I can't get my hair cut up to my ears - that would look so bad. So my resolution? To resist temptation. I also want to dye my hair that cool, faded pink/peach colour but my school definitely wouldn't allow it - boooooooooo. Maybe light brown/blonde instead?

♥ Smile more often & be positive - A nice cheesy one to round it all off. I like to think I'm a happy person as I genuinely am pleased with the small things in life - pizza, the carrie diaries, a new lipstick, shopping days etc. But I can still improve. I spend a lot of time complaining about silly things - school, the weather, my hair. So yeah, in 2014 I just want to be more carefree and positive!

And that's all of them!
Let's see how long I can keep these for... I'm betting two weeks tops. Actually no that's still unrealistic. 
Tell me your new year's resolutions below - have you got any the same as me? 

Also I hope you have a fun new year's eve - mine's going to be pretty boring I suspect. Sitting around a TV, watching the fireworks in London wishing I was there... 
On a positive note (see what I'm doing! I'm being positive!) there is going to be yummy food in the house - pizza, chips and loads of sweets. So I'm happy.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

the 'what I got for christmas' post

 I am back with the infamous 'What I got for Christmas' post!
People either love it or hate it but I really wanted to put mine up after enjoying everyone else's.
I'm going to spare you the long introduction (just read last year's one for that) but obviously I am not bragging at all and I'm pleased as punch with everything I was given.
So here is a little look at what I got this Christmas...

My cousin Eimear (I know she is going to read this so hello you!) gave me such an amazing Christmas present - a huge soap&glory set. It's called the Yule Monty gift set and I am so in love with it. It came with Hand Food, Heel Genius, Peaches & Clean Cleanser, The Righteous Butter, Sugar Crush Body Wash, The Scrub Of Your Life, Butter Yourself Body Lotion, Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss AND Thick & Fast Mascara. 
I don't think I will need to buy anything from soap&glory in 2014!
She also bought me one of those mahoosive galaxy bars but it was gone long before I took these photos...

My godmother's present was so thoughtful - not to sound cliche but it's very 'me'.
She got me the Rookie Yearbook One and it is beautiful. I know it is weird to call a book beautiful but this is the exception. If you don't know what Rookie is, it is an online magazine for teenage girls and the yearbook is basically a collection of articles from the website from that year.
I absolutely love Betty Crocker baking mixes (I blogged about one here.) They are so easy to make and taste so good. So I was really pleased when I unwrapped my presents to find a Betty Crocker brownie mix & a brownie maker - so cute!

We do secret santa in my family and my little sister got me for the second year in a row. And, just like last christmas, she bought me five Lush things! I got the Christmas Eve bubble bar, the Christmas Penguin bubble bar and So White, Twilight & Cinders which are bath bombs. Why is everything from Lush so pretty?
I am really looking forward to using them soon.

My big present this year was a canon EOS 600D. It is such an amazing camera and I love it a whole lot!
The mittens, scarf and boots are from River Island as far as I am aware and they are lovely.
 I asked for the Rookie Yearbook Two & I am really happy I got it - with both of the Rookie yearbooks I have so much reading to do.
I have used the macadamia oil shampoo & conditioner already and they have left my hair very silky and smooth.
If you read my christmas day 2013 post then you'd know I watched We're The Millers on Christmas morning - and I found it laugh-out-loud funny. I also got the One Direction This Is Us movie and I am totally tempted to re-watch it now. It makes me extremely excited for May (I'm going to see them in Croke Park wooohooo)
Oh and I do gymnastics so that explains the glittery pink leotard.

I am so happy with everything I was given & I am extremely grateful too.
I know Christmas isn't about the presents but they make it that little bit better.
Let me know what you got for Christmas and if you did a 'what I got for christmas' post then leave a link to it below...

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P.S I'm sorry for my awful vocabulary in this post! I'm sure you are sick to death of the phrase 'I love it!' or 'I'm in love with it!' or exclamation marks in general.

P.P.S Thank you Santa. You da bestest. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

my christmas day 2013

my cat looking grumpy in his new lair

Merry Boxing Day?!
Today has been so lovely and lazy - I'm still not out of my pj's and all I've done is eat copious amounts of food, watch YouTube videos, read blogs and I'm planning to put on the One Direction movie after this. A pretty successful day, I think.
Anyway I thought I'd share with you what I got up to yesterday.
I woke up at 6am when my little sister came jumping into my bedroom & although I only had 4 hours of sleep I was still excited. It took all of five minutes for everyone to unwrap their presents - those five minutes were the best ever though.
Like always, santa was too kind and I'm so happy with everything I was given! I got the canon 600d and I spent all day, snapping away. I'm hoping to do a 'what I got for christmas' post soon if that's something you'd like to see.
Sadly my mum had to work & she left at 6:30am which sucked. I spent an hour or so 'playing' with my presents & then I went back to bed and watched we're the millers on my laptop. It's a pretty funny movie.
We had our christmas dinner today since my dad is an awful cook (he'll deny it) and my mum makes it every year. So yesterday, since she was working, we just had steak and chips which sounds boring but was quite delicious!
After lunch we played the game of life (one of my favourite board games because it reminds me of sims) and we went to my granny's house for a while. When my mum got home from work we all sat round and watched as she unwrapped her presents - side note: that's always awkward isn't it? people watching you as you open your gifts. No? Is that just me? - and then we watched the father ted christmas special because my dad got the box set from my sister!
I ended the night by eating a big tub of ben & jerry's cookie dough ice-cream and fell asleep in the middle of watching midnight in paris.

I really enjoyed christmas this year & I'm loving the break from school and stress.
I am not looking forward to these lazy, pajama days ending Emoji

So, how was your christmas?

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Friday, December 20, 2013

secret santa with my friends

This is my first Christmas post of the year, I think, which is exciting for me! It's so hard to believe Christmas is in five days... 
One of my favourite things about Christmas is buying presents - and I'm not going to lie, receiving them is pretty great too. My friends and I decided to do Secret Santa (a.k.a Kris Kringle) this year and I thought it would be fun to show you what I gave. 

We put everyone's name into a hat and I got my friend Eleanor (who has a YouTube and a blog that you should definitely check out!) I was really happy about that because I knew exactly what to buy her.
We're quite similar in the fact we both love girly things (like make-up and stuff, not you know, those girly things. Tampons and pads. I mean I don't know any girl who actually enjoys pads - I really should close this bracket now...)
Anyway that made it easier to buy the little things - I know she likes LUSH so I bought her the Magic Wand bubble bar and the pug socks in Accessorize were too cute to ignore.
She has always loved Baby Lips in the colour Cherry Me but has had terrible luck with it! I think she's broke/lost three of them at this stage... fourth time lucky?
Oh and I bought her a cup of sweets from Sainsbury's because, well, sweets are delicious.
The big present, as you can see, was a Dan and Phil T-shirt. Eleanor is obsessed with them and it just seemed pretty perfect. I had it planned from the start (delivery took a while) and luckily she loved it! Yay!

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Doesn't she suit it so much?!

Did any of you do secret santa this year? 

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Saturday, December 07, 2013

new blog design & little update

not my photo (sadly!) - found on we heart it

So I finally got a new blog design! 

I've wanted to get a blog 'makeover' for ages now because I wasn't fussed on my old one and I was getting serious blog envy when I saw other people's beautiful blogs.
(I'm a sucker for pretty things.)
Anyway I'm definitely not talented enough when it comes to html, designing and all that jazz so I needed to get professional help!
It took me a while to decide who to go to but when I found Floracrest Designs I was so happy - lovely designs for such a good price. You should check it out, for sure!

With a change in the look of this little webpage I feel a lot more motivated to post.
BUT there is a reason why I haven't posted in over a month - and no it's not because I didn't like my blog design!
I think I explained before but my camera broke just before Halloween and I was kind of stuck.
"Should I buy an okay, decent camera OR wait and get a really great one for Christmas?"
I decided on the latter and I'm currently lusting after the Canon 600D. So hopefully (fingers, toes and eyes crossed) I'll have it in my hands on December 25th.
I may have a few photos saved on my laptop ready to be used in posts which I can put up between now and Christmas so keep your eyes peeled for that!


In other news I have GCSE mock exams from Monday until the 20th of December (I know, kill me now please) so I can't be as active on here as I'd like to be but I will try my very best to write up a post or two (recent purchases, lush bath bomb review...) when I have time or take a study break. Which would require me to study. Ha.

I should get back to my P.E Controlled Assessment. Only I would leave a 90 page assignment until the weekend before it's due... Send help. And chocolate. And a plane to New York. Please?

But in all seriousness what do you think of the new blog design? 

I've missed you guys!

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