Tuesday, December 31, 2013

new year, new me?

Oh yes. New Year's Eve. 
The time for all that 'new year, new me' bullshit rubbish. 
Well want to know something? I personally love all of the 'new year, new me' rubbish!
I think it's perfect for someone like me - someone who enjoys making lists and goals and daydreaming...

 I didn't actually make any new year's resolutions last year or at least none that I can remember so I thought it'd be fun to write some up for 2014!

♥  Manage my time better - I wasted a lot of 2013. Instead of being productive I watched like 10 episodes of One Tree Hill & spent an embarrassing amount of time on the internet. It's easier said than done but I hope to be productive and get things done in the new year. 

♥ Do my best in my GCSE's - It's kind of scary how close GCSE's are now. Really scary. I did rubbish in my mocks because I started studying the morning of the exam... what. Sometimes I hate me. Anyway, I'd love to get mainly A's in my GCSE's and this would require me to work. So I'm planning to go down to the library after school twice a week because this really helps me. 

♥ Keep blogging - I do love my little blog ^.^ It's so fun to have and I love reading everyone else's! In 2014 I always want to be one step ahead - so have a post typed up and then I can schedule it for during the week. Also I hope to post at least once a week. 

♥ Get another ear piercing - On a slightly different note I really want another ear piercing. I have two lobe piercings at the minute so maybe I'll get a third (but only in one ear 'cause I think three lobe piercings in both ears would look... messy.) Also, maybe, possibly... get a belly button piercing?! I've always liked them but what's your thoughts?

♥ 'Experiment' with my style - Oh god that phrase sounds so cringy but all I really mean by it is to wear what I want to wear and to take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. In 2013 I was really interested in make-up (and I still am, obviously!) so I spent pretty much all of my money on it. This coming year I want to spend more of my money on clothes.

♥ Start my driving lessons - woooohoooo I'm so excited to finally be able to drive. I turn seventeen in August which is perfect 'cause I can start my lessons during the summer. I've never actually driven a car before (unless you count sitting on my dad's knee when I was five steering the wheel... which I don't) so I might be rubbish and the chances of me having my license by this time next year are slim but who knows?!

♥ Save money - I want to have three jars to put money in - one for a new laptop, one for future travelling and one for a shopping trip at the end of next year. I guess I should also start saving for uni too?

♥ Grow out my hair - In April/May I chopped off my hair. Or, you know, if you don't want to sound quite as dramatic I cut my hair up to my shoulders. And ... I miss my long hair :( It has grown out quite a bit since then but, please don't ask me why, I've actually been tempted to cut it again. Up to my ears. And like that would SO not suit me. I'm kinda impulsive though and once I have an idea in my head... well it's happening. BUT I can't get my hair cut up to my ears - that would look so bad. So my resolution? To resist temptation. I also want to dye my hair that cool, faded pink/peach colour but my school definitely wouldn't allow it - boooooooooo. Maybe light brown/blonde instead?

♥ Smile more often & be positive - A nice cheesy one to round it all off. I like to think I'm a happy person as I genuinely am pleased with the small things in life - pizza, the carrie diaries, a new lipstick, shopping days etc. But I can still improve. I spend a lot of time complaining about silly things - school, the weather, my hair. So yeah, in 2014 I just want to be more carefree and positive!

And that's all of them!
Let's see how long I can keep these for... I'm betting two weeks tops. Actually no that's still unrealistic. 
Tell me your new year's resolutions below - have you got any the same as me? 

Also I hope you have a fun new year's eve - mine's going to be pretty boring I suspect. Sitting around a TV, watching the fireworks in London wishing I was there... 
On a positive note (see what I'm doing! I'm being positive!) there is going to be yummy food in the house - pizza, chips and loads of sweets. So I'm happy.

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  1. i love all this bullshit too! my resolutions are pretty similar to yours - it actualy is scary how close GCSEs are eek! it's so difficult not to get sucked into the internet haha, good luck to us resisting that one! looking forward to reading your blog in 2014 :D
    lily x

  2. This post really inspired me, hope 2014 will be a great year for you.

  3. Your blog is so pretty. Love this post Niamh. Good luck in your GCSE's - you will be fine. They are a breeze. :)

  4. Wonderful post Niamh! I wasn't going to do one of these but I'm going to have to now, I want goals to achieve! x


    1. thank you alice! I read your new year's resolution post there now & it was great! x

  5. I can relate to all of your 'stop procrastinating and work harder' ones! We should go to the library together! I need to study more too! :)

  6. Great post Niamh! Your resolutions are really inspirational, I might have to steal some of them :P
    Happy new year!


  7. i've got my 3rd/4th hole pierced and I love it! I only have that and my first holes and i love the way it looks! x


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