Friday, December 20, 2013

secret santa with my friends

This is my first Christmas post of the year, I think, which is exciting for me! It's so hard to believe Christmas is in five days... 
One of my favourite things about Christmas is buying presents - and I'm not going to lie, receiving them is pretty great too. My friends and I decided to do Secret Santa (a.k.a Kris Kringle) this year and I thought it would be fun to show you what I gave. 

We put everyone's name into a hat and I got my friend Eleanor (who has a YouTube and a blog that you should definitely check out!) I was really happy about that because I knew exactly what to buy her.
We're quite similar in the fact we both love girly things (like make-up and stuff, not you know, those girly things. Tampons and pads. I mean I don't know any girl who actually enjoys pads - I really should close this bracket now...)
Anyway that made it easier to buy the little things - I know she likes LUSH so I bought her the Magic Wand bubble bar and the pug socks in Accessorize were too cute to ignore.
She has always loved Baby Lips in the colour Cherry Me but has had terrible luck with it! I think she's broke/lost three of them at this stage... fourth time lucky?
Oh and I bought her a cup of sweets from Sainsbury's because, well, sweets are delicious.
The big present, as you can see, was a Dan and Phil T-shirt. Eleanor is obsessed with them and it just seemed pretty perfect. I had it planned from the start (delivery took a while) and luckily she loved it! Yay!

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Doesn't she suit it so much?!

Did any of you do secret santa this year? 

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  1. Love the gifts you gave her! Especially the socks :P
    I checked out her blog and YT, they're fab! :) xox

  2. i did secret santa with my friends as well, so fun! you picked out some lovely gifts xxx

  3. The gifts are so cute <3 I love Dan & Phil's new tshirts xx

  4. Those socks as so cute! and I love that Dan and Phil t shirt! I love doing secret santas and I did one this year with my friends, I ended up giving an inflatable unicorn horn for pets haha!

    1. I know! I think the deal was three for £8 so I got myself a pair too! I didn't even know those existed, hah! I hope you have a great christmas :)

  5. Me and my friends did a secret Santa too.


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