Saturday, December 28, 2013

the 'what I got for christmas' post

 I am back with the infamous 'What I got for Christmas' post!
People either love it or hate it but I really wanted to put mine up after enjoying everyone else's.
I'm going to spare you the long introduction (just read last year's one for that) but obviously I am not bragging at all and I'm pleased as punch with everything I was given.
So here is a little look at what I got this Christmas...

My cousin Eimear (I know she is going to read this so hello you!) gave me such an amazing Christmas present - a huge soap&glory set. It's called the Yule Monty gift set and I am so in love with it. It came with Hand Food, Heel Genius, Peaches & Clean Cleanser, The Righteous Butter, Sugar Crush Body Wash, The Scrub Of Your Life, Butter Yourself Body Lotion, Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss AND Thick & Fast Mascara. 
I don't think I will need to buy anything from soap&glory in 2014!
She also bought me one of those mahoosive galaxy bars but it was gone long before I took these photos...

My godmother's present was so thoughtful - not to sound cliche but it's very 'me'.
She got me the Rookie Yearbook One and it is beautiful. I know it is weird to call a book beautiful but this is the exception. If you don't know what Rookie is, it is an online magazine for teenage girls and the yearbook is basically a collection of articles from the website from that year.
I absolutely love Betty Crocker baking mixes (I blogged about one here.) They are so easy to make and taste so good. So I was really pleased when I unwrapped my presents to find a Betty Crocker brownie mix & a brownie maker - so cute!

We do secret santa in my family and my little sister got me for the second year in a row. And, just like last christmas, she bought me five Lush things! I got the Christmas Eve bubble bar, the Christmas Penguin bubble bar and So White, Twilight & Cinders which are bath bombs. Why is everything from Lush so pretty?
I am really looking forward to using them soon.

My big present this year was a canon EOS 600D. It is such an amazing camera and I love it a whole lot!
The mittens, scarf and boots are from River Island as far as I am aware and they are lovely.
 I asked for the Rookie Yearbook Two & I am really happy I got it - with both of the Rookie yearbooks I have so much reading to do.
I have used the macadamia oil shampoo & conditioner already and they have left my hair very silky and smooth.
If you read my christmas day 2013 post then you'd know I watched We're The Millers on Christmas morning - and I found it laugh-out-loud funny. I also got the One Direction This Is Us movie and I am totally tempted to re-watch it now. It makes me extremely excited for May (I'm going to see them in Croke Park wooohooo)
Oh and I do gymnastics so that explains the glittery pink leotard.

I am so happy with everything I was given & I am extremely grateful too.
I know Christmas isn't about the presents but they make it that little bit better.
Let me know what you got for Christmas and if you did a 'what I got for christmas' post then leave a link to it below...

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P.S I'm sorry for my awful vocabulary in this post! I'm sure you are sick to death of the phrase 'I love it!' or 'I'm in love with it!' or exclamation marks in general.

P.P.S Thank you Santa. You da bestest. 


  1. Amazing gifts, hope you had a good Christmas.

  2. Wow, you defo did well this year! Such a brilliant camera :D Glad you had a great Christmas! x

  3. Omg!! I want your camera. Anyway, this is such a great post, thank you for sharing it with me xx

  4. Oh my goodness so much Soap and Glory! So jealous of that camera as well, happy to see you had a lovely christmas!

  5. I love the Camera! It looks amazing! :)


  6. Yay Canon 600D. I have it and it's the best camera ever!

  7. Great presents! I got Soap and Glory things too... Your camera is so cool and those boots - I mean o-my-God... :)xx

  8. So jealous of the camera ! Your boots and Soap & Glory set look so amazing :O :D xx

  9. I really wanted that Soap and Glory kit but it was sold out :'(...And I'm so jealous of the camera! I might ask for one for my birthday in March xx

  10. You got some lovely presents! I got a soap and glory set too and I love it :) xx

  11. Oh Niamh you got such lovely things I hope you had a great Christmas :) I'm very jealous of the Rookie Yearbooks I love that website.

  12. You are one lucky girl! I especially like the cut-out boots and the scarf. (they are unbelievably pretty)
    Looks like you had a pretty good Christmas this year!

    Really enjoyed this post, and I looooove your blog :3


  13. Oooh a new camera! My family is bought a new camera too, and I can't wait to start using it!



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