Sunday, January 05, 2014

cookie dough, friends and NYE | online journal

I haven't done an online journal post in a while, the last one was in August (yes I just went back and checked) so this past week I carried my camera around with me, took a few photos and I'm now going to fill you in with what I've been up to lately!
 *that sounds slightly narcissistic - like let me fill you in about my life, me me me - sorry*

#1 mmmmmmmm cookie dough - it has to be my favourite snack food ever. I made betty crocker cookies recently and they were delicious, as always. I'm not going to lie though, I probably ate more of the cookie dough than the actual cookies.

#2 I read a lot of Rookie. For christmas I got both of the yearbooks and I love them so much. Sometimes I'll just flick through the pictures and photoshoots or stare at the illustrations because it's such a pretty book! Rookie is an online magazine founded by blogger tavi gevinson and it's basically a collection of writing, playlists and pictures for teenage girls (or not - you don't have to be a teenage girl to enjoy it) It's amazing.

#3 On New Year's Eve I had a really relaxing bath & pamper evening. I actually used & reviewed the twilight bath bomb from lush that night so click here to read that! (haha self promotion or what?)

#4 On Thursday I went to dublin with my friends eleanor, grace and rebecca. It was such a lovely day that was spent shopping, eating and watching the believe movie. I didn't choose the film by the way! I found it cheesy as hell but the others loved it because they all love justin bieber - whatever floats your boat ;)

#5 We ended the day in dublin by eating in nando's. It was the first time I had ever gotten a nando's and it was really good (mmm like looking at it now I really want to relive the experience) but maybe slightly overrated? I don't know... I'll have to go a few more times & order other things!

So a nice little week I think! I'm back to school on wednesday but I think I have to go in for a few hours tomorrow for a maths revision class (I'm repeating my maths gcse module.)

Did you do anything nice this past week? 

I better go back to studying...
Adios amigos!

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  1. Seems like you had an amazing week.Happy new year.

  2. That Nando's looks amazing! I agree about it being overrated though x

  3. I watched the Justin Bieber movie with my friends as a joke, never again. It was so cheesy! He's changed so much since then! xxx

  4. I love this kind of post! Including friends on blogs is so nice. I agree that Nando's is overrated for the price! I'm back at school tomorrow :( have you ever made chocolate covered cookie dough doughballs? they're amazing!
    lily x

    1. thank you lily! no but they sound absolutely amazing?! must make them soon...

  5. Looks like you had a good week! Jealous of that nandos, if you want something new to try, I'd recommend the chicken wrap, amazing! Can't believe you didn't enjoy the believe movies although I am a big fan, but yeah I cried lol. -Megan,

  6. Nando's can be addictive, be careful, haha!

  7. Yummy! The cookie dough is making me hungry! ;)

  8. These are such brilliant photos! I've been dying to try nando's, hopefully it will live up to my expectations x

    1. Thank you Connie! I got a new camera for christmas & I love it :)
      Nando's was really good but I don't think it lived up to the hype - but I might have ordered the wrong thing? It was still delicious though! xx


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