Saturday, February 22, 2014

inside my bedroom

as you can see I clearly know my solar system ;)

ROOM TOUR! Wooooo!
Haha I've been looking forward to writing this post for ages now because I really enjoy reading/watching everyone else's. My bedroom isn't anything special but over the years I have managed to get it the way I like it without having an endless supply of money. 
I spend quite a bit of time in my bedroom (and most of that time in bed reading magazines and watching movies) so I guess it's important that I like it. A lot of inspiration came from 'tumblr style bedrooms' like the collage behind my desk and one day when I was feeling really stressed out I opened my art box & started painting on my wall. It was pretty liberating - doing the one thing your parents told you not to do when you were younger.

Anyway, I don't think my room is perfect but I'm happy with how it is at the moment.
*struggling to think of what else I can say about a bedroom*
You know what, I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

studying (a.k.a the worst thing ever.)

I probably could have chose a better topic to take a picture of... 
I have always struggled with studying.
I can't concentrate for long periods of time and while my eyes glaze over history notes I notice things that are far more interesting - like old diaries, books I have read plenty of times and, of course, the internet.
Oh the internet.
Sometimes I think of it as the serial killer of all motivation and production. Is it even possible to 'just go on for 10 minutes'? I think not.

But my problem is that GCSEs are far too soon and I can't really afford all of this procrastination bullshit. 
I need to start now.
And when you think about it exams aren't really that difficult - it is just learning stuff.
 I mean, I know that is simplifying it but there are even ways you can make what you are learning almost fun.

So these are studying methods that I have found have worked for me recently and I vow to use them for the next three months or so... and hopefully they will help you in some way. But it is okay if they don't because we all study in different ways and it is just whatever works well for you.


1. Go to the library.

When I go to the library or the study space in my school I find it 100 times easier to revise and do homework. It is quiet, there are no distractions and since everyone around me is doing work I am more motivated. So I want to start going to the library in my town on a Saturday (when I'm not busy) and continue to go during the week. Let's hope so!

2. Use colour. And a lot of it.

I like colourful things. And I am pretty sure that it is a scientific fact (or just a 'well known fact') that colour helps your brain remember things. I mean, that is why we use highlighters, right? When I get a big A3 sheet of paper and some markers studying is a lot more enjoyable. So why not keep it that way?

3. Always refer every topic back to past paper questions.

This is pretty basic - past papers are where it is at. If you don't revise with past paper questions then you won't know what to expect. My goal is to use past papers a lot more... 

4. Use the internet wisely.

So the internet can be bad - it can be a time-waster and a huge distraction. But you can also get some pretty great resources from it like BBC bitesize and YouTube videos explaining that topic you couldn't quite understand. I recommend you use your laptop in front of your parents or somewhere public like the kitchen - then you won't click on websites like blogger, twitter or perez hilton (my guilty pleasure!)

I am hoping I can follow all of these and get good grades in august Emoji

Let me know if you have any exams coming up below and we can cry about them together.



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Saturday, February 15, 2014

galentine's day

Galentine's Day 
A day created by fictional character Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation where you celebrate valentine's day with your friends on February 13th. Get it? Like GALentine's day.
Anyway on Thursday my friends and I got together and celebrated galentine's day! I mean it wasn't specifically a galentine's day celebration - it was also because of midterm and my friend grace's sixteeth birthday but I had it on my mind.

It was such a lovely little evening - we ate chinese food, watched movies (one direction and superbad), ate more food, went on youtube/vine and generally talked rubbish.
I guess your average sleepover.
It's nice to have a set day for appreciating your friends and just being together.

Also that night we made Rebecca (I call her B so let's refer to her as that from now on, shall we?) a blog because she's always wanted one. It's not much at the minute but you should check it out and follow.

So, did you celebrate galentine's day? Or valentine's day? ;) 

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

my january loves

I decided a few months ago not to do a favourites post again as it was not really something I enjoyed writing. Or maybe it was the fact that I don't like reading them that put me off? I don't know.
But this month I have so many things I want to rave about: music, make-up, books and dvd's so I knew some sort of 'I've been loving' post was necessary.

These are my january loves.
Which, yes, is exactly like a favourites post but with a slightly different title... just go with it.

Anna and The French Kiss: 
This book... is everything I like in a book. Is it going to be a classic like Pride and Prejudice or To Kill A Mockingbird? No but if you enjoy 'girly teenage books' then this one is for you. Anna is a new student at an american boarding school in Paris (basically my dream) and although it's a little bit annoying in the beginning (Anna: 'uh I don't want to be in boarding school or Paris, I want to be at home with my family and friends.' Me: Oh my god shut up, you're so god damn lucky.) it gets addicting and you'll finish it soon after you start.

Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie: 
I'm not going to go on and on about this lip product because these babies are ancient news in the blogging world but oh wow do I love them. This one in particular, Berry Smoothie, is perfect. It glides on the lips and is a beautiful berry shade - but it's very subtle. Great if you're not confident enough to wear dark, obvious colours like me.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation: 
Okay I'm just going to be blunt: this is my favourite foundation ever (well, that I've tried so far.)
It's perfect for pale girls like me as there is a variety of lighter shades. For some reason I wore make-up almost everyday in january and I can safely say this didn't break me out. I think I've found my ... perfect match (cringe.)

Pretty Woman: 
The love story of a prostitute and a rich man. Sounds kinda weird but I love Pretty Woman. I re-watched it this month and realised it's probably one of my favourite films - at least in my top 10. If you haven't seen it I totally recommend you have a girly night in with chocolate and pj's and Pretty Woman.

Declaration Cartier: 
A bit of a weird one cause I just did a little bit of googling and have come to the realisation that this perfume... is a man's perfume. Well I think so? I'm not really sure. One website says it's unisex, one says it's a woman's and a bunch say it's a man's. But a man's perfume? I've never heard of that before. Anyway man perfume or not I really like it. It's not sugary or sweet but very distinctive. So mmmm yeah probably a man perfume. Weird.

I've wanted to make a 'rookie style' playlist for ages!
These are a few tracks (old and new) that I loved in january...

1. Sweet Louise by Belle Brigade
2.  Him by Lily Allen
3. Us by Regina Spektor
4. Team by Lorde
5. Who'd Have Known by Lily Allen
6. Arabella by Arctic Monkeys
7. Sex by The 1975
8. Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners

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