Monday, March 24, 2014

a blog break?

I've been putting off this post because something about it seems so final but here we go.
I don't think this will affect anyone's life nor will many of you notice but I kind of want to explain why my blog won't be active for a little while incase you wonder.
I'll start off by saying I am so envious of people who are good at time management - I suck at it. You know the whole 'study for 45 minutes and then take a 15 minute break'? Yeah that has never worked for me because my 15 minute break turns into a 50 minute break and by then I've already wasted the day (this is what I convince myself anyway) so I just carrying on doing whatever it was I was doing - watching YouTube videos, reading girly novels etc. And I pretty much repeat this cycle so as you can tell I'm not getting anything productive done. I literally just watched five seasons of sex and the city and I only started the series in February - if you can't detect a problem there then you're obviously as bad as me!

So I'm taking a break. A little break until mid June and then I'm free to do everything unproductive!
And it's not just my blog that I'm taking a break from, it's also the internet.
Yeah. Kinda scary.
I live for the internet but I think unplugging is the best thing for me right now - I rely on it way too much.

Also my blogging mojo has sorta disappeared. You know how sometimes you're completely head over heels in love with blogging and that's all you can think about but every now and again you feel entirely uninspired? I'm definitely in that uninspired place right now. 
So hopefully I'll return bursting with ideas and regular posts for the summer time (SUMMER!!!)

Okay..... I think this is it. It's time to say goodbye. 
Haha no but in all seriousness I will miss my blog but it won't be too long - I'll survive.
I shall leave you with this photo I took of my dogs last week. They're looking at me as if I have three heads and I don't fit in. It's sort of adorable?

Good luck with whatever exams you have and if you don't have any then count yourself lucky!
See you soon ^.^

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