Tuesday, June 24, 2014

lily allen sheezus

This year my love for Lily Allen has grown enormously.
I've always liked her and have had her more popular songs like The Fear and Who'd Have Known on my ipod for years but it was only in late 2013 I became a real fan.
I don't know about you but I think she's great!
She is so honest and her songs can be really witty, taking a satirical view on issues in society. A perfect example would be her feminist anthem Hard Out Here.

I pre-ordered Lily's new album Sheezus which came out at the beginning of May and although it's fairly different from her other two albums I love it just as much. My favourite songs would have to be URL Badman which is basically about internet trolls/male music bloggers, Insincerely Yours which is based around the idea of the music industry being fake/insincere and Take My Place which is about the death of her first child. As you can see they're all quite different subject matters - the album is an 'all-rounder', not just in the subjects Lily touches on but also the type of music. As Long As I Got You has got a country vibe while L8 CMMR sounds quite techno and playful.

If I had to describe Sheezus in one word I'd use fun. It's a fun pop album but with meaning behind the lyrics which is pretty rare these days. The deluxe version is even better (as expected since, you know, it's more expensive) as it has five more songs including her cover of Keane's Somewhere Only We Know which was used for the famous John Lewis Christmas ad. 

If you have a spare 20 minutes you should watch Lily talk about the inspiration behind each track on the album: 
If I could change one thing about Sheezus it'd be the amount of autotune used. Some of it definitely added a cool effect like on L8 CMMR or Hard Out Here but I found a lot of it unnecessary - Lily has such a pretty voice naturally, she really doesn't need help!

I've had Sheezus on repeat for almost two months now and I'm still not sick of it. My mum has warned me not to play it around the house though because my younger brothers and sister are started to sing 'Forget your balls and grow a pair of tits/ It's hard, it's hard, it's hard out here for a bitch' which, you know, isn't the best thing to come out of a child's mouth. But, I argued, at least the explicit words are used with good intentions. My mum, of course, doesn't care.

Lily seems to be a 'love or hate' musician as of late - so what's your opinion? 

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Monday, June 16, 2014

my summer reading list

It's been nearly three months - but I'm back Emoji
To be honest there were many times during the exam season I was going to blog even though I was on a 'break' because I missed it so much. And now it feels so foreign and strange! I'm definitely looking forward to blogging a lot more this summer.
I finished my gcse's today (!!!) and I think they went okay. Not great but I don't think I failed any, you know?
I'll just try not to think about them until results day. 

With summer comes an abundance of free time and one of things I want to do more of is read. When I read during my exams I felt really guilty because I knew I was procrastinating. So I wrote down a little list of books I planned to read when I was free from school. And this the list.

1. Lolita. 
It's a classic and I think it'll be a challenge but I've wanted to read it for a year or so now. I don't really know why I want to read it so much - it's strange, innit? A man obsessed with a 12 year old girl. Weird stuff.

2. The Virgin Suicides. 
I absolutely love the film (it's eerie and haunting but beautiful at the same time) and I imagine the book to be just as good. I'll have to see! In summary it's about five sisters who commit suicide and the novel is narrated by the neighbourhood boys who are infatuated by them.

3. Goose. 
I'm kind of cheating with this one because I'm already three quarters of the way through this book but it was on my list! It's the sequel to Paper Aeroplanes which was a really good book but not a great book. However I loved the characters, enough to buy the sequel anyway! And I'm so glad I bought Goose because it's just... amazing. It covers so many thoughts teenage girls have (on friendship, sex and religion to name a few!) and I think loads of readers will identify with the main characters Renee and Flo.

4. The Catcher In The Rye. 
Another classic that I've planned to read for a while. Last summer I read a few chapters of it and found it relatively easy to read as the language Salinger uses isn't complex. So yeah, I'm looking forward to reading this one.

5. One Day. 
Have you ever started a book loads of times and keep getting to a particular chapter and then you get bored/distracted by other things? Cause I've read the first 60 pages of One Day like five times! So my goal is to get to the end. I really love the film and I have a feeling I'll love the book more, if I just give it a chance.

6. The Great Gatsby.
I'm planning to do English Literature next year for A level and this is one of the set texts so it'd be pretty smart to read it now, when I have nothing better to do! I'm a huge fan of the film but I do find some of it confusing - so hopefully the book will clear those parts up.

7. Dash and Lily's Book of Dares.
A bit of a random one that caught my eye on Amazon. Have any of you ever watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist? It's a good film (Personally I find anything with Michael Cera good) and this book is written by the same author (oh yeah forgot to mention Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist was a book first!) I've read a few chapters and it seems like everything you want in a young adult book: adventure, love and christmas. Perfect.

And that's my summer reading list!
 It's pretty doable. I would include more but I'll probably re-read a few books and some of them like Lolita and The Great Gatsby will take me longer than the others I imagine.
I realise that my 'comeback' post being about books is a little nerdy but I get pretty enthusiastic about this kinda stuff - 
Are there any books that you'll be reading this summer? Did I leave any out that are must-reads? 

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