Monday, July 21, 2014

online shopping purchases

One of the hardest things about having a debit card is resisting the temptation to buy things online.
The times you are most vulnerable is late at night when you're browsing through ebay or etsy and everything looks amazing. That's my excuse for buying the burger phone anyway!
This is a pretty small haul but I wanted to write it nonetheless.

Yes... okay... this one was random and I can't really explain why I bought it. But I'll try!
I was watching Fresh Meat on Netflix and there's this scene where one of the characters is using a burger phone and I was like 'oh my god that looks cool.' The burger phone is best known from the film Juno which I watched a few years ago and I remember thinking someday I wanted to own one... and now I do.
Cool story, I know.
Basically I went on ebay that night and found one for under a fiver - I mean who wouldn't buy a burger phone for under a fiver? (Probably a lot of people.)
Sure it looks a little cheap and I haven't actually tried it out because I don't have one of those phone wire thingys in my bedroom but for now it sits proudly on my bedside table. Someday I'll have a conversation on it and it'll be the best phone call ever. Because it's a burger. I mean... what next?

The 90's reminiscent choker trend blew up a few months ago so after admiring them from afar I went on etsy to see if they had any at a good price. This one caught my eye and so I bought it for £5.
I've worn it a few times but, to be honest, I think I might be slightly 'over' the trend. I still appreciate when other people wear them but I have yet to really pull it off. I'll keep trying though!

My parents bought me these last two things off of the Topshop website for my birthday (August 3rd, save the date, lol.) I've wanted a midi skirt for ages and this one caught my eye. It's £48 so pretty pricey but it is good quality and you feel like a princess in it (that's a guarantee.) I'm not sure how I'll style it yet but I'm planning to take it on holidays with me so possible summer lookbook material?

MOM jeans! Finally! I have wanted a pair of these for the longest time. They are a nice break from skinny jeans and, like chokers, are very 90's inspired. High waisted and a bit baggy (in a good way I think) I can see why these wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea but I'm definitely a fan and I can see myself wearing these to death.

And that's everything.


I should probably start trying to save my money now... but let's be honest I won't.
So what's your favourite thing from this haul?

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