Tuesday, August 26, 2014

is it too soon for autumn outfits?

Oh yeeeeah, an outfit post finally!
You have no idea how many times I've wanted to write up an OOTD but either a. it's raining outside b. I have no time to take photos because I'm late to wherever I'm supposed to be or c. I have no-one to take the photos. My little sister agreed to take them for me eventually but I had to part with two of my favourite nail polishes in return... for a ten year old she sure knows how to get what she wants.
So, is it too soon for autumn outfits? I don't think so considering the weather we have in Ireland at the minute. Summer really is over, a little sooner than usual. I wore this outfit to dinner on Saturday with my family. We went for a meal to celebrate me and my sister's results (I got my GCSE results and my sister got her A Levels). I'm definitely not one for sharing results on social media as they're a little personal for that, in my opinion. (But if you posted yours that's cool! I like seeing how other people did but I'd just be a bit nervous to share mine).
Since this is my blog though and I like hearing how everyone else did I don't mind letting you guys know! I got 3A*'s (English Literature, Biology and P.E) 4A's (English Language, Maths, History and Religion) and 2B's (Irish and Drama). I did a lot better than I thought I'd do and I'm so relieved I can do the A Levels I want since that's what I was nervous about. I'm doing English Literature, History, Religion and Biology this year so we'll see how they go...
I hope everyone's happy with their results and if you're not then remember that they're just exams. There is so much more to life than grades. 
Anyway back to the outfit: I got the tartan smock dress for only £7 while it was on sale in Topshop. Bargain or what?! The boots, also from Topshop, weren't such a bargain at £36. The necklace I'm wearing, which you can barely see, says my name and I was sent it from a website called Punky Pins. It was pretty windy so the photos didn't turn out great, sorry!

Are you already looking forward to autumn/winter fashion? 
Also, if you live in the UK, what A Levels are you doing/planning to do? (I'm nosy!!)

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

some new skincare pieces

Over the last month I've picked up a few new skincare products and I thought I'd share them with you.
I'm hesitant to call this a skincare routine because the truth is I don't think I'll ever be able to stick to one. I get too lazy or impatient or I just fancy a change. And I don't use these products together. So, for example, one night I might use the Clean & Clear daily wash and the deep cleansing lotion but I'll not bother applying the tea tree toner or Garnier's cleansing water. Therefore it's not so much a routine.
 But anyway these four products are what I'm currently loving.

The Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash is something I repurchased and I actually mentioned it on my blog last year. It's a great daily facial wash as it's like a soap (the way it lathers and cleans your skin) but the little grains in it exfoliate your face, making it so smooth.

I put a few drops of the Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion on a cotton pad and swipe it all over my face once it's clean and free of make-up. It's difficult to tell if skincare is working, isn't it? Because it can take months before any improvements are made and even then it's usually small, barely visible changes. But this product makes your skin tingle and feel fresh which makes you believe it's working. Even if it's doing fuqq all!

The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is something that's recently been mentioned on a few blogs which totally convinced me to buy it. It's basically like soapy water (that might be simplifying it a bit...) and it's great to take your make-up off with. I would say it's an excellent alternative to face wipes - just add some to a cotton pad and it leaves your face feeling much better than wipes do.

And finally Lush's Tea Tree Water was something I picked up more for the gimmick. You see I love the fact it has a spray nozzle - is that weird? Like it's quite fun (maybe fun isn't the right word... how about interesting) to finish off my skincare 'routine' by spraying toner water in my face. I don't know. I can't tell if it's working but tea tree is supposed to be good for spot-prone skin and my skin has been getting some spots recently (probably due to stress from thinking about these exam results tomorrow) so let's hope it zaps them away!

I do love buying new skincare products because it makes me feel all motivated like 'YEAH! I'm gonna use these every morning and night and then I'll have beautiful skin!!!' That excitement doesn't really last very long though... like I said before - I'm lazy.

Have you got any of these products? Is there any others I should try?

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

back to school haul

One of the things I will miss when I've grown up is that excitement you get when stationery shopping and how, even though in June you couldn't wait to leave the place, you are strangely looking forward to school.
Don't get me wrong - a week into September and I'll be lusting for summer again. But every year, without fail, I'm eager to step into my new school shoes and start using my clean notebooks. I think it is the routine I miss and getting to see my friends every day.
 My GCSE results are out in less than a week and I am so nervous. What I am most worried about is not getting to do the A Level subjects I want to do...
But in an attempt to clear my head from negative/pointless thoughts about exam results I bought pretty things for the new school year. And these are said pretty things.

Okay so pens, a pencil case, colouring pencils (hey, you never know when you need colouring pencils!) and highlighters - they are all basic school supplies. Although I only showed one in the picture I have five lever arch files. Since I am doing four A level subjects I am planning to take one file to school and keep all the notes from each subject in it. Then, once a month or so, I'll separate the notes into the other four files that I'll keep at home.
The cat sticky notes were a total impulse buy in Accessorize. They were on sale for only £2! They are cute, right? Probably not very practical but I'll find a way to use them.

My school bag, which could belong to a seven year old, is from Accessorize. It was £35 so a bit pricey but it is pretty and I don't have to only use it for school. My shoes this year are very simple with a little strap.
I was in Donegal earlier this week with my cousin and while we were shopping in New Look I spotted the lunchbox above. I remembered seeing it in Urban Outfitters last year so I picked it up straight away. It's quirky (I hate that word) and makes me want to bring a packed lunch to school more often.

Is anyone else looking forward to school? Why or why not? 
Are you waiting for exam results? 
Is their any other back to school posts you'd like me to do? 

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Thursday, August 07, 2014

my summer holiday

I've been home a few days from Italy and I took so many photos during my trip I thought some kind of holiday post was due.
Let's do this in bullet points because does anyone really want a detailed paragraph on my holiday? Probably not.

 I went to Lake Garda which is the biggest lake in Italy (fun fact of the day.)

 I ate eight margarita pizzas while I was there. That's almost a pizza a day! They were so good...

 I read four out of the five books I brought - pretty successful. But they were easy-to-read books.

 The weather was quite unpredictable as it rained three times while we were there (one huge thunder and lightening storm) but most of the time it was lovely.

♥ We went to a theme park called gardaland one day and also a waterpark another day.

 The apartment we stayed in was nice (although the landlord lady was a total nag - 'no diving' 'don't have the air conditioning on and the windows open' 'you were too noisy last night.') and my bedroom was very cute and quaint. One of my favourite things about holidays is having a new view outside my window in the morning - it's so refreshing.

 I did a lot of swimming.

 My two little cousins (both under two) were with us on holiday (as were their parents, my aunts and uncles) which was fun. I love babies but sadly babies don't love me unless I bribe them with food.

 I turned seventeen while I was there. When I woke up and went to get breakfast I noticed my mum had bought me a chocolate muffin from the bakery and instead of a birthday card she got me a postcard with a kitten on the front (she knows me well.)

That's my holiday in a nutshell. I really enjoyed it but I have to admit I'm at that age now where I'm slightly 'over' family holidays. I love my family (most of the time) but I couldn't help think about how much more fun I'd have with my friends. Also my sister, who is nineteen, didn't go this year so I was the oldest and it just felt a bit lonely at times. Still - sun, swimming, reading, playing cards (does anyone else play a lot of cards on holidays?) eating out in restaurants - who could complain?
I'm just glad to be back, that's all.

Okay question time:
Did you go on holidays this year? What was it like? 

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Friday, August 01, 2014

old diary entries

This is, hands up, one of the most embarrassing posts I have put up on my blog.
But there is just something so amazing and whimsical about old diary entries. It is definitely hindsight that allows me to laugh when I read the words of eleven year old Niamh. It is funny how five years ago the idea of scanning my diary to share on the internet would be enough to make me want to die. It is only now I can appreciate how hilarious it is... mainly because I didn't know I was being hilarious.
I do have to apologise in advance for, well, me. I was embarrassing. So was my spelling. And handwriting. Oh and I blocked out the names of people and places cause it is the internet after all.
But if you can ignore all of that then enjoy!

I literally face palmed when I read this recently. Words of advice for younger Niamh: Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Especially when it is about hypnotism.
I basically thought I was the shizz, walking into primary school and telling everyone that I knew how to hypnotise people. WHY?

There is something I find so innocent about this one. Like my whole life revolved around what I did on a Sunday afternoon with my family. I especially love the part where I wrote '... 2 annoying girls around the same age as me who kept laughing and like stalked us!' Words of advice for younger Niamh: Stop making everything about you. Also... have you ever thought about why the little pool is always warm? I'm just saying.

I remember this ruined my week. You see when I was in primary school I swear I thought I was going to be the next Miley Cyrus. Like I was convinced. And so to find out I couldn't sing in front of other people? That crushed my dreams. (I was a dramatic kid, okay.) Words of advice for younger Niamh: I'm so sorry to break it to you... but you'll never be a singer. That doesn't mean you'll stop singing though - you'll still sing (terribly and completely out of tune) every chance you get whether that is in the shower or while clearing over the breakfast dishes.

Oh the cringe. So much cringe. The cringe is real.
I love how I start by talking about my cousin boasting about their new family car (because that was the highlight of my day obviously) to a puberty book. Words of advice for younger Niamh: Don't steal your older sister's puberty book. End of. That's weird, cut it out. Also, can someone really boast about their family car?

I actually love this one. Who writes in their diary on Christmas morning instead of running downstairs to open their presents?! I obviously had more self control five years ago than I do now. Basically my mum made this rule that we couldn't wake up until seven that year and while she was just pushing her luck (we usually get up much earlier) I took her literally. That was the last year of my childhood Christmases and I am so glad I've got this to look back on.
Words of advice for younger Niamh: Never grow up.

Did you keep a diary? Do you still? Would you like to see more of my cringey diary entries? 

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