Saturday, August 16, 2014

back to school haul

One of the things I will miss when I've grown up is that excitement you get when stationery shopping and how, even though in June you couldn't wait to leave the place, you are strangely looking forward to school.
Don't get me wrong - a week into September and I'll be lusting for summer again. But every year, without fail, I'm eager to step into my new school shoes and start using my clean notebooks. I think it is the routine I miss and getting to see my friends every day.
 My GCSE results are out in less than a week and I am so nervous. What I am most worried about is not getting to do the A Level subjects I want to do...
But in an attempt to clear my head from negative/pointless thoughts about exam results I bought pretty things for the new school year. And these are said pretty things.

Okay so pens, a pencil case, colouring pencils (hey, you never know when you need colouring pencils!) and highlighters - they are all basic school supplies. Although I only showed one in the picture I have five lever arch files. Since I am doing four A level subjects I am planning to take one file to school and keep all the notes from each subject in it. Then, once a month or so, I'll separate the notes into the other four files that I'll keep at home.
The cat sticky notes were a total impulse buy in Accessorize. They were on sale for only £2! They are cute, right? Probably not very practical but I'll find a way to use them.

My school bag, which could belong to a seven year old, is from Accessorize. It was £35 so a bit pricey but it is pretty and I don't have to only use it for school. My shoes this year are very simple with a little strap.
I was in Donegal earlier this week with my cousin and while we were shopping in New Look I spotted the lunchbox above. I remembered seeing it in Urban Outfitters last year so I picked it up straight away. It's quirky (I hate that word) and makes me want to bring a packed lunch to school more often.

Is anyone else looking forward to school? Why or why not? 
Are you waiting for exam results? 
Is their any other back to school posts you'd like me to do? 

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  1. Good luck getting your results back! I got AS levels back on Thursday! Don't panic too much about them, honestly! I love doing school shopping (still haha)! There's just something about it that I love haha!
    But still, hope you get what you wanted! And hope you enjoy A Levels! They are a lot of fun but so so much work! (not to put you off haha!) I think you'll enjoy them, you just really have to be motivated!
    Where are you studying A levels? Do you have a uniform there? :) xx

    1. Thanks Sylvia! I hope you did well in your AS's! I'm just trying not to think about them :/ Like I don't think GCSE's are that big a deal because they don't define your life or what career you can do but if I don't get a B in English Lit. then I can't do it for A level :/ And if I don't do it for A level then I can't do English or journalism in university... that's what I'm worried about. I'm hoping to study English, Religion, Sociology and either Biology or History. What did you do?
      My sister just finished her A levels and she's heading off to uni now so I know how tough it is :/ But I'm planning (probably won't..) to start working for them at the beginning instead of waiting a month before the exams.
      Yes my school has a uniform sadly :( And there is something exciting about school shopping ^.^

    2. I think I did alright in them considering the mass drop in grades for everyone! But personally I think I could have done better haha, I got BBC (and an E whoops!)
      I deffo agree with GCSEs not being *that* important but it's so good to get what you personally wanted to achieve. I hope you get you B! It would be rubbish considering you've got a plan around it!
      I did Psychology, ICT, Media and Sociology for AS and I'm dropping Sociology(that was my E!) I didn't really enjoy the subject so I did not try my best and I found I didn't like my teachers style of teaching so it wasn't helpful for me! But it was interesting subject, not to put you off! ahah I did in some ways enjoy it as it was quite interesting but I think my teacher made it hard for me to enjoy and do well in (and my lack of revision!)
      Definitely would push on the revising straight away! I wish I had! And I know it's easier said than done but still! Just don't let it take over your life!
      But still! I hope you get the results and you enjoy your A levels are they are great! and congrats to your sister! I don't imagine it being easy with all the personal statements and such but I'll find out soon!
      The uniform thing isn't too bad, I wish I still wore one! Least you got some good school shopping done though!
      (wow very long reply! haha)
      :) x

    3. That's so good! I know a lot of people are repeating lower sixth in my school because of the large drop in grades. I think it's because they got rid of january modules which is annoying. But you did great, good luck with your final year. Your subjects sound nice, like they seem to go well together. I'm nervous about sociology because it's a new subject that I've never done before :/ Thank you so much Sylvia!! x

  2. I think that this year I'm more excited for school then any other. I love that feeling of desire for learning. But my absolutely fave thing about school is buying cute school supplies. They make school and learning so much easier and funny. I don't wait for exam results because we don't have that here where I live (Croatia). I've never seen sweeter school bag than yours. You definitely bought some pretty things. Now because of you I want to go buy a lot of school supplies. Thanks Niamh!! ;) xo
    P.S. I would like to see your school outfits or maybe how you learn and find motivation!

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. Aww thanks Antonia! Having nice school supplies just makes me a whole lot more excited for school. Haha you're lucky you don't have to wait for exam results, I've been so anxious lately :(
      Sadly I have a school uniform so I can't do anything about my school outfits (I wish, that'd be so fun!) but I'll definitely think about doing one on how I learn/find motivation. Thank you!!

  3. Those sticky notes are just the cutest~ I wouldn't be able to say no to them either! I hope you have a lovely school year ahead of you. You're almost done! Good luck with everything xx

    She Will Be

  4. I love this time of year! I have definitely had enough summer to tide me over until next June... Autumn/Winter is my favourite by far. I am just beginning to enter the period where I begin to obsessively buy stationery for the new school term (bought two notebooks today, both of which are probably too pretty to use). That lunchbox is very cute, though I wouldn't mind having an alternative to packed lunches in my school, sandwiches get so dull after a while!

    Good luck with your GCSE's, my Junior Cert results come out in less than two weeks. I haven't been worrying about it but I am very nervous now. I'm sure you'll do fine and get all of your subjects (down south they don't really effect subject choices as much)!

    Lovely post:)

    1. Haha same! It's starting to get a little darker in the evenings and I love it! And Autumn/Winter clothes are just so much better. Oh my god you have no idea how many pretty notebooks I have that I can't bring myself to use because I think I'll ruin them. Yeah I get school dinners most days but my parents said if they're gonna pay for my driving lessons I have to take lunch :( Oh well!
      Thanks Alannah and good luck with your Junior Cert results!! x

  5. I am not excited about school because I have final GCSEs this year. When i think about how much work i'm going to have to do i just want to curl up in my bed and stay there forever. I did a few last year but no where near as many as i'm going to have this year. The only upsides to this year are prom and the thought of never doing maths again so those are going to get me through it :) Good luck with your results, I'm sure you will do amazing! I had those shoes last year and they are so comfy and lovely. I bought them again this year as I love them so much :) I love your lunch box :) xox

    1. That's exactly how I felt this time last year! But honestly they're not as bad as you expect - the time goes by quite quickly during them & before you know it it's summer. So don't worry ^.^ We don't have a prom where I'm from in Ireland so I missed out on that :( But have fun at yours, even though it's ages away, haha! I am so glad to leave maths behind - it's something I'm not gonna miss. At all.
      Thanks Helena! x

  6. Great post Niamhy! I get so excited aswell, wishing you nothing but the best in your results, hopefully you get to choose the A-levels you want! Good luck hun lovely labels btw :P

    Jennos Health.

  7. I love school supplies! I'm even a bit of a freak and love getting new school books. I always flick through them and lovingly write my name on them but come week two I'm so done with them! Your lunchbox is seriously cute! Good luck with your GSCE results, I'm sure you did really well. It seems crazy that they should effect your life choices though. I've only got a couple of weeks left until my junior cert results are out myself and I'm dying to get them back because the wait is just too intense! Although at the same time I NEVER want to do/think about the junior cert again.

    1. Haha join the club! Yeah I get so excited over school supplies now & maybe the first week but after that I get sick of school. Thank you Anna, I'm starting to regret not studying harder.. Good luck with your junior cert results!! You have TY now, right? That's something we don't have up north and I'm so jealous, it sounds like fun! x

  8. The things you bought are so cute. I also love doing the shopping part of going back to school more than actually going back to school. I am doing my GCSE's this year and im so scared. I have been reading your blog posts about them. How did yours go? How did you revise and if you have any tips that would be very useful. Also , dont worry about your GCSE grade, you probably did better than you thought. I read something today that because of that 'no re-sitting' law thing the grade boundaries are low to prevent 'embarrassing big dip in results' and instead of getting a B, you would get an A etc.

    1. Thanks Aleyna! I have to agree with you on preferring the shopping part ;) Don't be scared, they're not as bad as you think. Honestly I have no idea how mine went :/ I studied hard for a few of them and the others, now thinking back, I could have studied more for! If I had to predict my grades I'd say I'll get mainly B's with a few C's and hopefully A's!! But I have no idea. I really hope I did better than I thought ... but I don't know!
      My tips would be to go to the library and get revision started early enough (not too early but like february/march time maybe) Oh and flash cards are the best :)

  9. I loved reading this post! Back to school shopping is the best :) I have the 'Yay Lunch!' lunchbox as well (it's super awesome) ^-^
    Good luck with your GCSE results!
    - F -

  10. I remember the days of stationary shopping for school...all those years ago! Love the lunch box, I should try and find something like that for my kids! Great blog.


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