Wednesday, December 31, 2014

did I keep my 2014 resolutions?

It's always a bit of an anti climax, isn't it? But, being inspired by a lot of other bloggers, I really wanted to do an end of the year round up sorta thing. This post isn't planned (which is my way of saying, ahem, it may not be my finest) but I feel the need to officially wave goodbye to 2014.
Last year, on this exact day, I posted my NY resolutions. I admitted that while the new year, new me stuff kinda irks me I also completely buy into it. Who doesn't love making a list of goals and dreaming about all the things you can change? I mean, there's a reason why so many of us relate to Bridget Jones. That constant need to better ourselves. Well that's one of the reasons. 
So did I keep those resolutions? 

♥  Manage my time better - A vague one. I definitely think I was better than 2013 but... I still procrastinated a lot. 

♥ Do my best in my GCSE's - I think I did this. Honestly, at this stage, I couldn't care less how I did in my GCSE's! While there were some subjects I probably could have put more effort into, I wouldn't go back in time and change it if I could. And I did get mainly A's, like I wanted, so I'll give myself this one.

♥ Keep blogging - Well I'm still here, aren't I? I didn't post once a week like I wanted, and even took over a month's break from it during exams, but I still love it, possibly even more now. 

♥ Get another ear piercing - Yep, I can check this off. 

♥ 'Experiment' with my style - Nope, definitely not. I wanted to buy more clothes (I'm more of a window shopper) and try different shops but that didn't really happen. Oh well, there's always next year...

♥ Start my driving lessons - I turned seventeen in August and I didn't start my lessons until December 1st. Why the wait? Laziness mixed with nerves. But I've had a few lessons now and cannot wait to get my license. I'm not particularly good or bad but I do love it. I've got my theory exam very soon (fingers, toes and eyes crossed I pass!) but I'd say it'll take me a while to pass the practical test.

♥ Save money - HAHAHAHAHA. That's you when you look at my bank statement. I saved zilch this year. Sadly.

♥ Grow out my hair - Success. It's not as long as it once was but I didn't cut it this year. *Pats self on back for doing absolutely nothing and just letting my hair grow* 

♥ Smile more often & be positive - Again this is super vague. I'm not sure. Honestly my thoughts haven't been very positive this year, more cynical ('we're all going to die someday and end up in the ground with no one to remember us so what's the point in doing all this? seriously why do we go along with it? why are we sitting in classrooms learning about what others did before us instead of actually doing something?') But there's no doubt I was happy, it's just the unanswerable questions that swirled around my mind seemed to turn me into more of a pessimist. Again, it's one I want to work on this year.

So, I kept some of them. Not too bad...

I'm not sure what kind of a year 2015 will be. I'll turn eighteen, get my braces off (finally!), see Taylor Swift in concert (finally!!!), see One Direction in concert, go on work experience, have a summer holiday somewhere, hopefully get my driving license, sit my AS levels, have my formal, decide what I'm going to do in university and then apply. On paper 2015 sounds quite... eventful. I'm not going to make many resolutions, only one. Document everything. Whether that's photos or videos or writing it all down. When I tried to remember all the events that happened in my life in 2014 I realised that they're mostly just memories, already a little hazy in my mind.

I hope you enjoy your NYE, whatever you're doing, wherever you are. I'm working this year but only until nine so I'll just be relaxing at home.
Did you stick to your resolutions? Did you make any this year?

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

christmas, christmas, christmas

I know christmas is over but I'm in denial, desperately trying to cling onto days where I can stay in my pajamas, overeat and watch TV without feeling guilty.
I was pretty torn over this blog post. For two years now I've shown you what I've gotten for christmas but I still feel uneasy about it. I'm not sure if it's the negative tweets that surface around this time ('If you post what you got for christmas on instagram, chances are I hate you') or maybe it's the fact that there are people out there who don't even have food on their tables so WHO CARES what make-up was in my stocking?! But if I keep thinking like that almost everything on my blog in my life is ridiculous and silly. And truthfully I really enjoy reading about what others got so I'm equally eager to share what I was given.

My main present, and possibly my favourite, was a fujifilm polaroid camera. It's such a novelty and there's something amazing about capturing all these tiny moments and getting to physically hold them in an instant. Also, waiting for the photo to develop is pretty exciting. I got two boxes of film but I'm trying to use it sparingly because it's so expensive.

I told my mum if I just got books for christmas I'd be happy and I wasn't really exaggerating. My True Love Gave To Me is a collection of short stories with love and christmas as their main themes by some pretty popular YA authors such as Stephanie Perkins, Jenny Han, Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan. So far I'm loving it as the short stories are cute and well written plus it's great being able to flick through it and choose which author's to read next. Also, can we just appreciate how pretty the cover is?
 More Than This is a novel I've seen online loads and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into it. It's a book about life after death and reviews promise there's a few twists in the story so I'm hopeful I'll love it. It by Alexa Chung has been on my wishlist since it came out. I'd be lying if I said I had high hopes for it since I read this guardian review and many others with a similar opinion. I guess it's a bit like a scrapbook, something very fun to pick up and read a few pages of. I was also given Rookie Yearbook Three which is what I've been reading the most over the last couple of days. 

I'm so grateful for the new make-up pieces I received as I was starting to run out. The Naked 3 palette, which was really popular among bloggers last christmas, is gorgeous and I can't wait to use it for nights out. Brow Zings by Benefit is genuinely all you need to get perfect eyebrows and I think it's going to be something I'll reach for almost everyday. I got a few Real Techniques brushes and my sister bought me a beautiful berry YSL lipstick. My mum had the perfume I was given, Flower by Kenzo, years and years ago so when I saw the bottle and spritzed some on my wrist I swear I was five years old again.

I'm in love with the satchel I got from River Island and the 2015 paperchase planner makes me excited for the New Year. I'm just so happy and thankful for every present, it did make christmas that bit better.
As for christmas day itself, I had an early start at six (younger siblings...) but after all the excitement had died down I went back to bed for a few hours. It was a great, quiet day. I'm not really into the religious side of christmas but isn't it cool that there's this day that so many people in the world get together with their families, take time off work and relax?

I really hope you all had a good christmas and you enjoy the next few days before the New Year!
 January... that's when real life resumes.
What did you do on christmas day? Did you get anything nice? 

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

secret santa

Two days until Christmas! WHAT?!
I'm now immersing myself in everything christmas: spotify christmas playlists, pajamas days, wrapping presents, freaking out because I have yet to finish my shopping. The normal. Is it really cliche of me to say that it doesn't feel like christmas? I'm not sure why... maybe it's the lack of snow or the fact that I'm getting older. Whatever the reason, I don't like it.
My friends and I exchanged secret santa presents recently so, seeing as I did a post on it last year, I thought I'd show you what I gave and what I got. My friend Sarah-Jane and I both got each other (and we totally knew, making it less of a secret santa and just a... santa?) My present for SJ is actually double our price limit because it's her birthday present AND christmas present. Even though her birthday was at the start of November. Yes, I fail.

You probably already know this but TK Maxx is the shop to go to if you want products at a discount. Both the Essie and Ciate nail polishes were only £3.99, which left me tempted to buy some for myself. I bought Attachments on Amazon after SJ mentioned she liked Rainbow Rowell (I do too!) The other book, My Life Next Door, is one that I've never heard of but has good reviews and looks like an easy, romantic read. Soap and Glory are so good around this time of the year, their packaging always lures me in. The mini Yankee Candle is a very sweet scent, Strawberry Buttercream. And the Lush present, which are always my go-to gifts when I don't know what else to get, has four christmas bath bombs.

SJ got me the cutest present! It was a jar full of sweets, now only a few remain of course, and also a MAC lipstick in Bombshell. It's a really subtle glittery pink and I've already worn it several times (since I only got it on the 19th, that's a lot!) It's incredibly pretty and there's something so satisfying about having three MAC lipsticks. I think it's how sleek they look together.
And, cause I know she'll read this, thank you so much Sarah-Jane!

So that was secret santa this year.
Did any of you exchange presents with your friends? 
MERRY CHRISTMAS ('and keep the change you filthy animal!')

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Saturday, December 06, 2014

christmas lush haul

Who doesn't love a good christmas lush haul? 
They're overdone, sure, but is it really christmas without one? (true meaning of christmas: overpriced bath bombs. obviously.) Truthfully I just haven't been feeling christmassy yet - I know that's not even a word but you know the feeling, right? I can't pinpoint exactly what it is but it's a mixture of cosiness, a cinnamon scent, festive films, fairy lights, baking, hot chocolate, family, late night shopping and being giddy like a child again - not much then. But that's the christmas feeling summed up for me. And I haven't completely got it yet. I've been trying. All our christmas decorations are up, I watched Frozen last night and right now I've got a cinnamon stick yankee candle burning on my bedside table... but nothing's working! Still, I'm hoping that a bath with these lush products will increase my excitement for December 25th. 

Golden Wonder is a firm favourite of mine that I've been buying every christmas for three years now. It's one of those bath bombs with a 'surprise.' You may think it'll leave your bath a gold colour but it dissolves into a teal blue (sorry if I ruined the surprise... but it's a bath bomb, come on!)
I bought Father Christmas because it looks so festive and I remember I really liked it last year.
Luxury Lush Pud and Star Light, Star Bright are two Lush products I haven't tried yet. The latter is an extremely glittery bath melt. I've never tried a bath melt before so I'm looking forward to giving this one a go. Beware of how glittery it is though - with a touch the glitter will come off on to your fingers. The Luxury Lush Pud is so colourful and a lot of people seem to love it (hopefully I will too!)

I think something from Lush makes any christmas present better; you can't really go wrong with it.

What's your favourite from the LUSH christmas range? 

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P.S I've got exams until the 17th so I might not be able to post until then... if you've got exams coming up as well, good luck!