Wednesday, December 31, 2014

did I keep my 2014 resolutions?

It's always a bit of an anti climax, isn't it? But, being inspired by a lot of other bloggers, I really wanted to do an end of the year round up sorta thing. This post isn't planned (which is my way of saying, ahem, it may not be my finest) but I feel the need to officially wave goodbye to 2014.
Last year, on this exact day, I posted my NY resolutions. I admitted that while the new year, new me stuff kinda irks me I also completely buy into it. Who doesn't love making a list of goals and dreaming about all the things you can change? I mean, there's a reason why so many of us relate to Bridget Jones. That constant need to better ourselves. Well that's one of the reasons. 
So did I keep those resolutions? 

♥  Manage my time better - A vague one. I definitely think I was better than 2013 but... I still procrastinated a lot. 

♥ Do my best in my GCSE's - I think I did this. Honestly, at this stage, I couldn't care less how I did in my GCSE's! While there were some subjects I probably could have put more effort into, I wouldn't go back in time and change it if I could. And I did get mainly A's, like I wanted, so I'll give myself this one.

♥ Keep blogging - Well I'm still here, aren't I? I didn't post once a week like I wanted, and even took over a month's break from it during exams, but I still love it, possibly even more now. 

♥ Get another ear piercing - Yep, I can check this off. 

♥ 'Experiment' with my style - Nope, definitely not. I wanted to buy more clothes (I'm more of a window shopper) and try different shops but that didn't really happen. Oh well, there's always next year...

♥ Start my driving lessons - I turned seventeen in August and I didn't start my lessons until December 1st. Why the wait? Laziness mixed with nerves. But I've had a few lessons now and cannot wait to get my license. I'm not particularly good or bad but I do love it. I've got my theory exam very soon (fingers, toes and eyes crossed I pass!) but I'd say it'll take me a while to pass the practical test.

♥ Save money - HAHAHAHAHA. That's you when you look at my bank statement. I saved zilch this year. Sadly.

♥ Grow out my hair - Success. It's not as long as it once was but I didn't cut it this year. *Pats self on back for doing absolutely nothing and just letting my hair grow* 

♥ Smile more often & be positive - Again this is super vague. I'm not sure. Honestly my thoughts haven't been very positive this year, more cynical ('we're all going to die someday and end up in the ground with no one to remember us so what's the point in doing all this? seriously why do we go along with it? why are we sitting in classrooms learning about what others did before us instead of actually doing something?') But there's no doubt I was happy, it's just the unanswerable questions that swirled around my mind seemed to turn me into more of a pessimist. Again, it's one I want to work on this year.

So, I kept some of them. Not too bad...

I'm not sure what kind of a year 2015 will be. I'll turn eighteen, get my braces off (finally!), see Taylor Swift in concert (finally!!!), see One Direction in concert, go on work experience, have a summer holiday somewhere, hopefully get my driving license, sit my AS levels, have my formal, decide what I'm going to do in university and then apply. On paper 2015 sounds quite... eventful. I'm not going to make many resolutions, only one. Document everything. Whether that's photos or videos or writing it all down. When I tried to remember all the events that happened in my life in 2014 I realised that they're mostly just memories, already a little hazy in my mind.

I hope you enjoy your NYE, whatever you're doing, wherever you are. I'm working this year but only until nine so I'll just be relaxing at home.
Did you stick to your resolutions? Did you make any this year?

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  1. Well done on achieving some of your resolutions, I always forget about mine!
    I hope you have a great 2015 Niamh :)
    - F -

  2. I think documenting everything is a great goal to have, especially for you - it sounds like you are going to have such an eventful 2015!! happy new year!


    1. Thanks Jessica, I hope you have a great 2015 too!

      x x

  3. Awesome post! I just turned 16 in October. My parents want me to start my lessons soon, but I'm a little nervous. Can't wait though. Happy New Year! xx

    1. Thanks Guilianna! Yeah it took me a while to actually start because I was nervous about that first lesson! It's hard to know what to expect but after that it's easier :) I hope you have a fab 2015!

      x x

  4. I failed with my ear peircing ambition haha! I also need to start saving... Great post! x

  5. My resolutions were pretty similar to yours and I think I achieved about the same! I'm 17 too but haven't had even one driving lesson yet. Really glad you kept blogging because I love reading your blog!
    Really random but I love how you have pink text for bullet points haha!
    lily x

    1. It's so easy to put off driving lessons! I hated the pressure of having to start them as soon as I turned seventeen... it's like everyone in my year was talking about lessons so I felt terrible, as if it was some competition! Of course it's not like that now that I've started, I really couldn't care less about how good other people are! Thank you so much Lily!!

      x x

  6. You've done much better than I have! Well done :) I also wanted to say I love your blog design - mine was also designed by Kathryn!

    Eilidh x

  7. Well done for sticking to so many resolutions! I stuck to absolutely none. But I'm really going to try this year! x
    Eden x / edenroses

  8. You have a lovely lovely blog!


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