Tuesday, February 24, 2015

the lazy girl's skincare routine

It's no secret that when it comes to skincare I am lazy. 
Like really super lazy. 
Some nights, the bad nights, I just crawl under my duvet and forget about it. I know, madness. After nights out I can barely get changed into pajamas, let alone wash my face! And that's always fun, isn't it? Waking up to panda eyes and foundation on your pillow.
However, most of the time I'll reach for three products that take me all of five minutes to use. And the best part? I can use them in bed while I'm watching Netflix because they're just that easy (and I'm just that lazy!)

Okay, so step one: Get into bed and put on an episode of the TV show you're currently watching. Side note: I spent my midterm binge watching The Office (US) and it's such a good show! If you haven't already watched it then I'd totally recommend you do - you won't regret it! On to the actual skincare, use a cotton wool pad with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water on it to cleanse your face. This stuff has been pretty popular for some time now, and in my opinion it's totally worth the hype. It easily removes your make-up and leaves your skin feeling so fresh. It's basically the best alternative you'll find to face wipes.

Step two: Now that you're completely bare faced it's time to spritz on some Tea Tree Toner Water. Tea Tree is known for preventing spots - so that's always good. Sometimes I'll switch the Lush toner water for the #MPWR cleansing spray. It was sent to me by a PR company for review and apart from the strange name (why the hashtags? do marketing people assume that teenagers will buy a product if they include a hashtag?) I really like it. It's organic, which is always good when it comes to skincare, and it genuinely feels like it's helping my skin.

Step three: I finish it all off by applying a moisturiser by Simple. TA DAH!

Was that the easiest skincare routine or what? It's pretty low maintenance yet my skin is definitely better because of it. I'm all for fancy cleansers and face masks but on a daily basis I don't have the time or the effort for them - so this is perfect. Now if only I can figure out a way to brush my teeth from the comfort of my bed...

Are you lazy when it comes to skincare too?

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