Saturday, July 04, 2015

what's in my carry-on bag?

It's been over four months since I last hit the 'new post' button and I'd be lying if I said the words are flowing out of me right now. 
For four months the only pieces I've written are essays with a really fixed structure so this whole writing freely thing is weird. My friends repeatedly told me how they hate when bloggers have a whole post dedicated to where they've been and their promises of what's to come - so I'm going to try to skip all that by throwing it in a sentence. AS Levels sucked all of the motivation out of me and the only activity I really had the energy to do in my spare time was watch Netflix (pretty much sums up my summer so far!) School is a pretty common excuse for blogging disappearances but that's the main explanation for my absence. So, in short, sorry!
Since I'm heading off to Portugal tomorrow morning I thought I'd end my blogging hiatus by sharing with you what I packed in my carry-on bag this year.

I'm definitely taking less compared to last year but realistically it's all I'll need and I want to use my small rucksack this time around. My make-up is going in my suitcase so all that's coming with me in my hand luggage is things I'll want on the plane and when we just arrive. Reading material is a must for holidays, to have on the airplane and by the pool, and therefore I'm bringing the latest Glamour magazine and Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella. Since my ears often 'pop' when the plane lands I've got chewing gum in my bag and an Impulse spray so I can freshen up after a morning of travelling. And, of course, I'm taking my polaroid with extra film because hopefully there'll be plenty of photo opportunities abroad.
So there you have it, that's everything in my carry-on bag. Short and (hopefully) sweet. It's currently 2am and I have to wake up for an early morning flight in an hour and a half so my bed is calling me... 

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