girl behind the blog

I'm Niamh, an eighteen year old girl from Ireland. I started this blog during a moment of procrastination in 2012 and since updating this little website is now one of my favourite things to do, I'd say it was a moment well spent.
I spend the majority of my time in school, sadly, so I generally only post once a week, if that. A Levels are tough.

I love: magazines, taylor swift, fresh meat (the tv show not the... food?), beauty products, shopping trips when I've got money to spend, cats, playing with the grown-ups by sophie dahl, the 1975, electric blankets, pizza, pretty woman, trains, getting dressed up for a night out, chinese takeaways, feeling cosy during the winter, cities, rookie mag, taking photos and sorting through old photos, the beach, painting my nails, late night flights, baking, blogging, getting organised, ed sheeran, laughing until I cry, dresses, to kill a mockingbird, the colour purple, 500 days of summer, harry styles, singing in the shower, one day by david nicholls, puppies, handwritten letters, hot chocolate, writing, authors (I just really appreciate authors), YouTube, travelling, brackets and lists.

That wasn't very articulate at all but I imagine you've gotten to know me a bit better ^.^

I really hope you enjoy reading Niamh's Dream almost as much as I enjoy writing it (ew I'm being cheesy.)


Love you lots,